London System Masterclass: Part I and II

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London System Masterclass: Part I and II
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Starting from the typical attacking ideas to the pawn endgames to the Jobava London, you get to learn EVERYTHING related to The London in this workshop.

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Let’s face it… you don’t have the time to dedicate HUNDREDS of hours into learning an opening. After all, you are working a day job as well.

Well, your opponent, who is still in school and plays at the local, doesn’t. He can spend ALL DAY studying chess openings.

How to even the field then?

You start with the usual 1.d4 but then quickly, take the offbeat path… by playing Bf4!

Creative and innovative, yes, it’s London, baby.

You can follow up with Bf4, Nf3, e3, Bb5, or d3…

After that, no regurgitating memorized stuff.

Instead, you apply simple fundamental ideas and come up with your own plan to secure an edge and a great middlegame.

Good news – the London System is flexible enough to provide a BUNCH of attacking chances and Black wouldn’t even see them coming.

The only thing left now, is for you to master the formations, move orders, and tactical secrets in the London that will wipe the smile off the face of all those booked-up players in your league!

That’s where this 15+ hours of video training from the Modern Chess camp is going to help you.

Starting from the typical attacking ideas to the pawn endgames to the Jobava London, you get to learn EVERYTHING related to The London in this workshop.

For today, you can avail of this at a steeply discounted price. Yay!

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • Closed Slav-like structure for White. Often, you can get a reversed Slav-like setup for White in the London System. Black wants to constrict the oxygen out of you and blast open where it’s good for him. What should White do? Get the course now.
  • Double pawns on f-file. Black exchanges our dark-square bishop on f4 after playing Bd6. White ends up with doubled pawns. A very stable Black’s antidote to White’s London. Anand did the same against Carlsen in the 2019 Tata Steel blitz match. Guess what, Magnus won! Why?
  • Ambitious goals. White can castle long and push those king’s pawn upwards… and break open the center while the enemy king is still stuck in the middle. Things can go wrong though in this aggressive line. No worries, you will learn the BEST way to convert this position from a real game.
  • The “Black” Boa Constrictor. The London System is extremely potent but not so if you keep playing odd moves and give away space advantage to Black—just what Chidambaram did against Artemiev in a Titled Tuesday match of 2021. Find out where Black really, really went wrong.
  • What’s new in the market? It does not matter which opening you play if you play an old, outdated line that your opponent knows how to refute. The trick is to keep evolving in your opening forever. So, what’s new in the London System? That’s what GM Dhopade teaches you in a 1 hour and 15-minute video in Part II of the training.

If you want to play the London System, do it the right way.

This video training, adopted from a live workshop, not only contains super-valuable question and answer sessions on the opening…

…but also Boris Gelfand himself tells you his personal experience with the opening.

Want to learn the London System from a six-time World Championship candidate and the 2009 Chess World Cup champion?

This is your chance!