Opening Master: An 11-Week Complete Program for White

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IM Milovan Ratkovic mixed all his know-how, fine-tuned the system, and boiled it all down into Opening Master: Complete Program for White. This is an all-in-one opening repertoire for White, built around the moves 1.d4 and 1.c4. It's packed with everything you need to seriously elevate your opening game and take your play to the next level!

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Have you ever been overwhelmed with the opening prep?

Did you know that the average chess player spends 3-5 hours per week learning the theory…

…But only improves by under 100 points a year!?

It’s no wonder WHY so many players are beyond frustrated.

There are so many questions and so few answers…

  • What openings should I focus on studying?
  • How do I memorize the moves?
  • How should I respond when an opponent deviates from the line?

Well, here is the good news.

There are a few chess players who know a secret recipe…

When applied correctly… it rakes in 300-500 or more rating points a year!

By spending half the time on openings compared to that of the average player, you’ll get 3-5X the results!

And we just got the right person for that.

Milovan Ratkovic is an International Master, Head Coach, and Creator of the Opening Master Program.

He worked with hundreds of students in the past 10 years. And some of his top students reached 2300 and 2400 FIDE.

IM Ratkovic is keeping tabs on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to opening prep…

He mixed all his know-how, fine-tuned the system, and boiled it all down into Opening Master: Complete Program for White.

This is an all-in-one opening repertoire for White, built around the moves 1.d4 and 1.c4. It’s packed with everything you need to seriously elevate your opening game and take your play to the next level!

  • Without burying yourself under 12 books and 25 video courses just to nail down your openings for white
  • Without sinking 500 hours into memorizing the moves
  • Without dropping thousands on private coaching and training materials

You’ll Train 4 Days a Week. Each Day You’ll:

  1. Watch a Video Lesson – You will participate in four weekly training sessions, each focusing on one of the 27 critical chess openings. After completing all 57 video lessons, you will be tournament-ready with White pieces.
  2. Go Over the Opening Moves – To really nail down what you’ve learned, you’ll revisit the opening lines you just covered. This step is super important for getting the hang of those openings.
  3. Do Opening Trainer Tasks and Memory Drills – You’ll tackle the memorization drills by starting with the spatial repetition trainer and then shifting that opening knowledge into your long-term memory.

You’ll Also Get:

  • The Training Calendar to Track Your Progress
  • Quick-Reference Opening Cheat Sheet
  • Full PGN Vault for In-Depth Study
  • Comprehensive Final Exam to Challenge Your Skills
  • Training Agreement and a Certificate of Completion
  • Stuck or have questions? Reach out, we’re here to help!

Here is what you’ll learn:

Week 1: Slav Defense

Week 2: Queen’s Gambit Declined

Week 3: Tarrasch Defense and QGA

Week 4: QGA, Baltic Defense, and Chigorin Defense

Week 5: Chigorin Defense, Austrian Defense, Marshall Defense

Week 6: King’s Indian Defense and Grunfeld Defense

Week 7: Nimzo-Indian Defense

Week 8: Budapest Gambit & Other lines

Week 9: Old Benoni

Week 10: Dutch, Modern, Pirc, Horwitz, and Kangaroo Defense

Week 11: English Defense, Englund Gambit, Polish and Mikenas Defense

Here is What Will Happen in Your Chess 11 Weeks From Today:

  • You’ll finally have a tournament-ready, battle-tested opening preparation for White without spending a lifetime learning openings
  • You’ll never forget your theory and will remember all the key patterns and positions thanks to the spatial repetition method
  • Along the way, you’ll build your middlegame knowledge to transition from the opening to good positions and score even more big wins
  • You’ll get the most accurate attacking plans, weak points analysis, and anti-dots to all popular responses by Black
  • You’ll be able to score surprise wins, some are as quickly as move 10 to help you save effort and energy for the next rounds
  • You’ll be able to pick and choose only easy-to-play middlegames, that you are familiar with and know how to win
  • You’ll boost your ratings and finally break that glass ceiling, becoming the chess player you always wanted to be
  • You’ll become a powerful force to reckon with in your chess community & get respect from your peers and opponents


Lesson 1 Winawer Countergambit
Lesson 2 Semi-Slav Accelerated Move Order 3…dxc4 Line
Lesson 3 Schlechter Variation
Lesson 4 4…Bf5 and Bg4 Variation
Lesson 5 Chebanenko Variation
Lesson 6 Semi-Slav, Main Variation, Stoltz Variation 1
Lesson 7 Semi-Slav, Main Variation, Stoltz Variation 2
Lesson 8 Janowski Variation
Lesson 9 Normal Defense – Exchange Variation 1
Lesson 10 Normal Defense – Exchange Variation 2
Lesson 11 Alatortsev Variation
Lesson 12 Ragozin Defense
Lesson 13 Tarrasch Defense – Main Variation
Lesson 14 Tarrasch Defense – Schara Gambit
Lesson 15 Gunsberg Defense
Lesson 16 2…c6 2…a6 Line
Lesson 17 Alekhine Defense
Lesson 18 Smyslov Variation, 4…b5 Line, Winawer Defense, Janowski-Larsen Variation
Lesson 19 Traditional System
Lesson 20 Traditional System And Russian Gambit
Lesson 21 Baltic Defense
Lesson 22 Albin Countergambit
Lesson 23 Chigorin Defense Main Variation
Lesson 24 Chigorin Defense Other Variations
Lesson 25 Austrian And Marshall Defense
Lesson 26 Samisch Variation Panno Variation
Lesson 27 Samisch Variation 6…e5 Variation
Lesson 28 Samisch Variation 6…a6 Variation
Lesson 29 Samisch Variation 6…c5 Variation
Lesson 30 Samisch Variation Black Avoids Early Casting
Lesson 31 Stockholm Variation 1
Lesson 32 Stockholm Variation 2
Lesson 33 Stockholm Variation 3
Lesson 34 Leningrad Variation 1
Lesson 35 Leningrad Variation 2
Lesson 36 Leningrad Variation 3
Lesson 37 Budapest Gambit Main Variation
Lesson 38 Budapest Gambit Fajarowicz Variation
Lesson 39 Benoni Opening
Lesson 40 Benko Gambit Zaitsev System – Nescafe Frappe Attack
Lesson 41 Mexican Defense
Lesson 42 d4-Nf6, Other Lines
Lesson 43 Old Benoni 1
Lesson 44 Old Benoni 2
Lesson 45 Old Benoni 3
Lesson 46 Dutch Defense 1
Lesson 47 Dutch Defense 2
Lesson 48 Modern Defense
Lesson 49 Pirc Defense
Lesson 50 Horwitz Defense – Dutch Defense
Lesson 51 Kangaroo Defense 1
Lesson 52 Kangaroo Defense 2
Lesson 53 English Defense 1
Lesson 54 English Defense 2
Lesson 55 Englund Gambit
Lesson 56 Polish Defense
Lesson 57 Mikenas Defense

About the Author:

IM Milovan Ratkovic [FIDE 2411]

is a Serbian International Master and chess coach. Some of his top students were able to reach 2400 and 2300 Elo respectively. IM Ratkovic is an active tournament player and one of his near-future goals is obtaining the Grandmaster title.