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The Play Like a Chess Master Bundle featuring FM Viktor Neustroev is your key to unlocking the skills and insights that make chess masters stand out. This 76-hour comprehensive video collection offers expert guidance, strategies, and tips to help you elevate your game to the level of a chess master. Whether you're a passionate chess enthusiast or an aspiring competitive player, this bundle provides you with the tools to understand, think, and play like a true chess master.

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Win Positions with Imbalances

FM Viktor Neustorev is here with a blueprint for playing the 3 very important themes when it comes to imbalances: You are up in material, You are down in material, and Material is equal.

Play the Wing Gambit

FM Viktor Neustroev is back with the Wing Gambit which is an ultra-rare opening involving a pawn sac, that can be played against nearly ANY Sicilian!

Max Lange Attack for White

FM Viktor Neustroev recommends Max Lange Attack. This is a perfect choice for attacking players that will always keep your opponent on their toes. And if they don’t know the theory the game will lead straight to a HUGE upset!

Scandinavian Defense

FM Viktor Neustroev recommends one of the oldest and most well-tested openings… the Scandinavian Defense. Mixing the 3 most important ingredients and sprinkling with the ‘element of surprise’ gets you a perfect recipe for a high-scoring opening!

Win with Evans Gambit

FM Viktor Neustroev’s new training Evans Gambit has reached just in time. From Anderssen Variation to McDonnell Defense to Evans Gambit Declined… Viktor goes through each variation in great detail, explaining every potential alternative and its repercussions on both White and Black.

Complete Catalan for White Vol.1 with FM Neustroev and GM Bocharov

This 13.5-hour Opening Lab arms you with cutting-edge theory, tactical bombs, and strategic blueprints to take Black’s position by storm. By applying this knowledge in your tournament games, you will get a substantial edge against any sub-2300 opponent!

Complete Catalan for White Vol.2 with FM Neustroev and GM Bocharov

In 12-hour Complete Catalan for White Vol 2 GM Neustroev provides cutting-edge weapons against some of the most common ideas black will throw at you.

Beating English with Black Opening Lab by FM Neustroev and GM Bocharov

This 11.5-hour Opening Lab provides you with a roadmap and a complete set of tactical gear to take White’s position by storm. Armed with this knowledge you will have a substantial edge against any sub-2200 opponent!

Beating 1.Nf3 – Opening Lab

In this 18-lesson, 9.5-hour Opening Lab course, NM Viktor Neustroev gives you a complete system for dismantling White’s hopes and dreams after 1.Nf3, no matter what setup they go for!

Complete Semi-Slav for Black

If you want to make the Semi-Slav your new secret weapon, Viktor Neustroev is here to help. His brand new 14-hour course explains all the ideas behind the popular variations and shows HOW to put them into practice with analysis of the most instructive GM games.

Sicilian Kan Secret Weapon for Black

In this 22-lesson, 10-hour course, NM Neustroev gives you a powerful yet low-theory opening repertoire against 1.e4 based on Kan Variation of Sicilian Defense. It gives you a detailed explanation of the plans and ideas behind the opening for different types of typical positions, sufficient to get an edge against most under 2300 players.

About the Authors:

FM Viktor Neustroev [FIDE 2305]

is a chess player and coach who won multiple regional competitions and received various awards. He has coached for many years and has had highly successful students. Viktor sees his mission in teaching chess and making his students overall much better players.

GM Dmitry Bocharov [FIDE 2647]

is a professional chess player and coach with a peak rating of 2647 FIDE. He has won many National and International tournaments. Some of his notable achievements include winning the 2004 Abu Dhabi Chess Festival, winning the Chigorin Memorial, and World University Chess Championship 2008. In 2015 Bocharov won the 2015 Russian Blitz Chess Championship. GM Bocharov also played alongside Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian winning both Russian Team Chess Championship Premier League and the European Chess Club Cup in 2015.