TCW Academy Mega Bundle [Vol. 1-40]

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TCW Academy Mega Bundle [Vol. 1-40]
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Want to gain more rating points faster while doing less work? Then TCW Academy Bundle is for you! Get 40 Volumes [nearly 125 hours] at an even greater discount than individual courses! Learn topics like calculation, opening preparation, strategy, etc. All courses are top quality and loaded with PGNs!
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Open Files, Diagonals and Fianchetto with GM Marian Petrov

In this 3-hour course, GM Marian Petrov deep dives into 2 very important concepts: Open Files, Open Diagonals, and Fianchetto.

Opposite Side Castling with GM Marian Petrov

In this brand-new course, GM Petrov breaks down one very important positional elements of chess, how to play in the opposite side castling positions.

Learn to Play Chess for Beginners with IM Mat Kolosowski

In this 3-hour premium video series, Mat is going to handhold you through from knowing nothing about chess to being able to play a decent game from start to finish.

Destroying the Castle with FM Zaur Tekeyev

In this 3-hour-long video series, Tekeyev goes focuses on how to take advantage of the weak pawns (f, g, and h) and unleash hell on the enemy king.

1.e4 Fianchetto System Vol.1-2 with FM Zaur Tekeyev

FM Zaur Tekeyev shares this approach with you and shows EVERYTHING you need to know to meet 1…e5 as Dubov did in that game. The Vienna with fianchetto is a good fighting weapon that is extremely easy to play with White and difficult to meet with Black.

Richter-Veresov Attack with IM Milovan Ratkovic

Get this 4 hours course by IM Milovan Ratkovic where he breaks down some of the most COMMON replies by Black and how best to deal with them…

The Vienna Game with GM Marian Petrov

GM Marian Petrov brings to you this awesome 3-hour video training where he goes over both the sharp Vienna Gambit (starting with 3.f4) and other docile variations (3. g3 and 3. Bc4).

Sicilian Defense – Alapin Variation with GM Marian Petrov

It’s the Alapin Sicilian that starts with 1.e4 and 2.c3 against Black’s 1…c5. And it’s one of the strongest and most reputable Anti-Sicilians out there. Count on GM Marian Petrov to demonstrate the accurate moves and must-know lines to convert your Alapin Sicilian attack into a full point.

Evaluation of Position with IM Mat Kolosowski

Starting from king safety to piece activity to much more, IM Kolosowski handholds you through the various aspects of the position, one by one, in an easy-to-understand manner.

Learn to Play Like Mikhail Botvinnik with GM Marian Petrov

In this 3-hour video training, GM Marian Petrov demonstrates how he took super-aggressive opponents into an uncomfortable strategic playground and super-positional opponents through a tactical rollercoaster ride.

GM Ulf Andersson’s Positional Chess with GM Marian Petrov

In 3+ hours, GM Marian Petrov is here to take you through some of the best games of Ulf Andersson and discuss how he outplayed his opponents with little nuances and slight advantages.

Exchange like a Grandmaster with GM Sipke Ernst

With this 3-hour course, you’ll get the complete blueprint to exchanges, and you will improve your positions every time you decide to swap pieces. You will know exactly which pieces to exchange and which to keep.

Beginner’s and Amateur’s Course with FM Yuriy Krykun

This is a true beginner’s course which will take you from just ‘knowing the rules of the game’ to a competitive player which can hold his ground against more experienced opponents.

Ding Liren – Complex Middlegames with GM Jacek Stopa

In this course, we will be analyzing games and looking for winning strategies of top Chinese GM Ding Liren. His peak rating is over 2800 and he is currently rated number 3 in the World.

Complex Middlegames with GM Jacek Stopa

In this 3-hour course, GM Jacek Stopa is revealing the secrets of Complex Middlegames. Jacek based this course around the most instructive and educational games, emphasizing ideas and principles that you can directly copy and paste into your own games.

Kasparov Middlegame Secrets with IM Valeri Lilov

This 3-hour course with IM Valeri Lilov teaches how you can apply some of the very same principles that Garry Kasparov used in his games.

Bishop vs. Knight with IM Mat Kolosowski

In this course, we are going to discuss the “active value” of knights and bishops. Even though these two pieces have the same value on paper, they are VERY different in their specifics

Secrets of Outposts with IM Milovan Ratkovic

IM Ratkovic does a great job explaining this simple, yet often misunderstood concept so that ANY chess player can understand it and utilize it in their own games. In this course, we are going to analyze some very interesting and instructive games from IMs and GMs practice where outposts played the key role.

Tactics and Strategy with GM Marian Petrov

In this 3 hour course, GM Marian Petrov covers 3 very important, and often under-rated aspects of chess strategy and tactics. Marian hits all 3 phases of the game and transitions from the Attack in the Opening to Positional Chess and finally to Endgame Fundamentals.

Weaknesses in the Middlegame with IM Mat Kolosowski

In this course, IM Kolosowski will address those concerns and questions. Mat will demonstrate how you can spot your opponent’s weaknesses and use them for your benefit.

Minor Piece Mastery with IM Vangjel Buli

If you are looking for a new way to take control of your middlegames and endgames, don’t hesitate to learn from IM Vangjel Buli’s new series on Minor Piece Mastery!

The Catalan Opening with GM Marian Petrov

In this course, GM Marian Petrov will guide you through all the possible main variations in the Catalan Opening for White.

The Semi-Slav with GM Marian Petrov

In this course, GM Marian Petrov will guide you through all the possible main variations in the Semi-Slav Defense.

The Minority Attack with FM Zaur Tekeyev

In this course, FM Zaur Tekeyev will guide you through all the possible variations for White (though transposable for Black) to play the Minority Attack.

Play 4. f3 Against the Nimzo-Indian Defense with GM Jacek Stopa

In this course, GM Jacek Stopa will guide you through the ins and outs of the theory and planning within the 4. f3 line.

The Dutch Defense with GM Marian Petrov

Once you have completed this course, you will have enough knowledge to begin practicing what you have learned about the Dutch Defense (and its many variations) into your own games.

London System with GM Marian Petrov

London System is one of the most popular openings nowadays, on both Grandmaster and Club levels. In this 3-hour crash course, GM Marian Petrov will reveal everything you need to know about playing the London System for White.

Positional Mastery I with GM Marian Petrov

In this 3-hour course, GM Petrov will demonstrate different aspects of the positional game. As you may know, positional understanding is one of the most fundamental elements of chess.

How to Attack IM Milovan Ratkovic

In this 3-hour course, IM Milovan Ratkovic arms you with 10 very powerful attacking weapons that you can use to win your games in-style! And you only have to learn these techniques and ideas once – they never change!

Advanced Endgames Techniques with GM Jacek Stopa

GM Stopa recorded this 3-hour course, to explain some very important endgame concepts including blockade, fortress, advanced opposite color bishop endings, complex pawn endgames, and many more!

Rook Endgames with GM Jacek Stopa

In this course for intermediate and advanced players, GM Jacek Stopa will deep dive into some of the most important Rook Endgames. Rook endgames are some of the most common and complex types of endings in chess. If you master Rook Endgames, not only your overall level will improve, but you will also feel a lot more confident converting and defending these endings in your games.

Bishop Pair IM Mat Kolosowski

Take the full advantage of one of the most common and powerful positional elements – the Bishop Pair. Know how to use your Bishops to its max and how to defend against Bishop Pair as well! No matter if you are in the opening, middlegame or endgame, Mat will teach you EVERYTHING there is to know about two bishops.

Material Imbalances with GM Sipke Ernst

Material Imbalances with GM Ernst’ teach you both fundamental and advanced techniques of material imbalances. You will know when you should do it and when you shouldn’t. GM Sipke Ernst adds many valuable instruments into your chess toolbox, and by mastering this advanced topic you overall game understanding will increase.

Chigorin Defense with IM Milovan Ratkovic

In this course, IM Milovan Ratkovic teaches Chigorin Defense. Do you want to have a powerful weapon against 1.d4? Do you want to have an attacking opening at your disposal that will win games? Do you want to surprise your opponent with an old, yet solid and powerful opening?

Albin Counter-Gambit with IM Milovan Ratkovic

The Albin Counter-Gambit appears on the board after 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e5 followed by 3. dxe5 d4. It is a pretty unusual, yet tricky opening. Black sacrifices the pawn in exchange for very good development and an advanced d4-pawn. There is some theory you need to know if you are planning to play Albin Counter-Gambit for either side.

Scotch Opening with FM Yuriy Krykun

In this course, Fide Master with 2 International Master norms Yuriy Krukun, reveals his opening repertoire against 1.e4 e5.

Calculation and Initiative with FM Yuriy Krykun

Your ability to get the initiative and control the game greatly depends on your calculation skills. At the same time, the calculation is much more effective if you go for positions with the initiative. That’s why this course combines both elements together to arm you with the ‘Calculation + Gaining Initiative’ skillset.

Knight in the Middlegame with GM Bryan Smith

In this video course, GM Bryan Smith will deep dive into one very important positional concept: Strength of the Knight in the Middlegame.

Converting Advantages with IM Mat Kolosowski

In this 3 hours 10 minute course IM Mat Kolosowski gives you a masterclass on converting advantages. You will learn powerful techniques that will help you convert the advantages in your own games. IM Kolosowski covers all the most common “themes” including exchanges, going into the endgame, stopping counter-play, activating your pieces, and many more!