Chess Problem #3

The recently concluded 9th World Chess Composition Tournament (2012-2013) held by WFCC* was a marathon event. 257 composers from 37 countries participated and as many as 553 entries in 7 individual sections were submitted for prize selection. Russia was first, followed by Ukraine and Israel in this prestigious tournament.

The following award winner is for your delectation.

Two-mover Section: First Prize

Pavel Murashev

Anatoly Slerashenko

Aleksandr Feoktistov

Two-mover Section: First Prize

White to play and mate in two moves

*World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC)

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Updated 04.10.2023


Dear reader,Glad to see your interest.Yes, we hope to put up a new problem soon.
Jason Bourne Chesser:
Is a new problem coming out anytime soon? Want to check my tactics skills again :)
Chess isn't easy! Practice makes perfect!
This is way too hard! Grand-master level chess!
Dear friend,A nice try.It's met by 1...fxe3.
1. Ng4 then depending on what black does, Qb1, d3 or Rxd4