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      Want to learn how to get better at chess or beat a stronger opponent? We are addressive plenty of chess 'how to' question right in this category.

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      Articles about Chess Psychology — TheChessWorld.com. As well as many other materials and lessons that will help you to learn or improve the skills of the game of chess.

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      Here you can find various cool and entertaining chess things

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      The depth of endgame understanding. Working on endgames not just helps you to play better endings. It helps at middlegame understanding and openings as well.

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      Do you want to learn how top Grandmasters think, analyze games and make decisions? This is exactly where you will find the answer to all your chess questions.

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      The middlegame is exactly where the most action takes place. This section will help with explaining simplе and complex middlegame strategies.

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      Learn the opening fundamentals and the advanced techniques from the Masters. Everything from Dragon Sicilian to the sharp lines of the Semi-Slav.

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      Tactics is the key to becoming strong and consistent chess players. It's not only your offense but also defense.

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      Curious to learn what's going on in the chess world or check out a review about a book or a publication? This section will address all your review needs.

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      Series of structured lectures from John Herron split into bitable and easy-to-understand sections. finding tactics, opening mistakes and key maneuvers in chess

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      This section will give you all the necessary information and resources for taking your chess to the next level.

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      These are the articles that comes from WGM Natalia Pogonina's official website due to cooperation between TheChessWorld.com & Pogonina.com

  • Basic Chess Rules 2

    Learn basic rules of chess in under just 5 minutes. After studying this little tutorial you will learn all of the rules of chess including how pieces move, how to play the game, how to castle, how to checkmate, what is a draw, etc. Wanted to learn what chess is all about? Here is your chance.

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      The rules of chess. When you know the rules, it will be much easier for you to start playing.

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    Learn from some of the recent Grandmaster games. Apply the new knowledge in your own games and become a tremendously better chess player.

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      Opening Theory in Chess. And other materials & lessons that will help you to learn or improve the skills of the game of chess.

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      Chess games of Yury Markushin. Will he succeed in Beating a Master at Chess?

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      In this section you can download all the chess programs you need for free!

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        Chess Engines Archives TheChessWorld.com. Here you can find and download most popular chess engines like rybka, fritz, crafty, etc.

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      A collection of chess related quotes from famous chess players.

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        This is where you can find all chess quotes in one place. Great source of positive energy and motivator to take action!

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      Become a Chess Player You've Meant to Be. Learn chess on your own terms, at your own pace. Anytime. Anywhere.

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