Stefan Suvak Williams

Stefan Suvak Williams

Stefan Suvak Williams is a seasoned Serbian chess player actively competing and coaching in the chess community.

With a Elo rating of 2000, he has won multiple tournaments. I’m driven by the ambition to achieve the title of master. His coaching philosophy focuses on tailoring strategies to individual weaknesses and strengths.

Throughout his years in chess, his greatest inspiration has been José Raúl Capablanca, whose chess game he has studied his entire life.

Chess Articles by Stefan Suvak Williams

Chess Algebraic Notation

algebraic chess notationUnderstanding chess algebraic notation is pivotal for professional chess players. In today’s guide, you’ll not only grasp reading and writing chess notations but also delve into analyzing others’ games to refine your own skills. Learning chess notation is a must-know for any ambitious chess player. It’ll allow you to read and write chess moves, spectate […]
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