Tal’s Attacking Secrets with IM Valeri Lilov


“In this course, IM Valeri Lilov goes over some of the most-instructive Tal’s games and explains some of the most effective techniques that Tal utilized to demolish his opponents – time-after-time.”

Attacking chess is something that can MAKE or BREAK your game. If done correctly it may lead to spectacular victories, rating boost, titles and so forth. However, if done improperly [the way many club players do it] it may lead to lost material, blunders, disappointments and defeats.

That’s not the road you want to take…

The key for becoming a strong attacker is to learn from the best and to have a SYSTEM that you can apply in your own games. This is the most reliable and consistent approach.

And… there is simply no better attacking player than Mikhail Tal.

Many consider Tal a pure genius of chess, mostly due to his brilliant tactical play. Tal’s incredible originality, improvisation, and ability to “think things into existence” greatly contributed to his World Championship title.

That’s why “The Magician from Riga” is a perfect “role model” of attacking chess for you. By mimicking his attacking chess and borrowing some of Tal’s incredible techniques and ideas you will take your chess to a whole new level.

In this course, IM Valeri Lilov goes over some of the most-instructive Tal’s games and explains some of the most effective techniques that Tal utilized to demolish his opponents – time-after-time.

For him, chess is science and the outcome simply depends on the right combination of ingredients. IM Lilov is a step-by-step kind of guy, and that’s why he covers everything from “elements of attack” and “powerplay” to “how it all works together” all in one course.

What to expect?

By the end of this course you will have a solid understanding of attacking chess, and with a little practice be able to deliver a winning blow into your opponent’s camp a game after game.


  • Tal’s #1 secret of attacking play
  • How to setup your pawns and pieces so that tactics comes to the board?
  • Tal’s signature approach of getting the winning positions, and how you can do that too
  • How to analyze the possibilities and discover resources that opponents simply don’t see?
  • Handful of tools that you can use in your own games to partially replicate Tal’s attacking genius
  • How to launch a simple, yet very effective attack – the way Tal did it?
  • And much more!


CHAPTER 1 Introduction
CHAPTER 2 Tal’s Youth
CHAPTER 3 Elements of Attack
CHAPTER 4 Tal’s Piece Powerplay
CHAPTER 5 Tal’s Simplicity of Attacks
CHAPTER 6 Tal’s Positional Chess Mastery
CHAPTER 7 Tal’s Four Elements of Attack
PGNS Get full set of PGNs to analyze and explore [complete package] PRACTICUM Apply the system into the real position [complete package]

IM Valeri Lilov (FIDE 2438)

better known as Tiger Lilov, is a professional chess coach and lecturer renowned for his personalized approach to training students and professional players from all over the world. Having been an active tournament player all his life, he has won many international open tournaments and championships including the European Individual School Chess Championship U10 (Moscow, 2000) and the Kulaga Memorial International Open (Minsk, 2007).

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