3 Best Games of the Week – 11

3 Best Games of the Week – 11

The Norway Masters did not go well for Carlsen from the very start. Losing on time to Topalov in the first round marked the rest of the event for him and after 4 rounds he was trailing the event with only half a point. In this game we see a spectacular attack by Anand in one classical opening, the Spanish closed variation.

It is a very instructive game, showing the thematic ideas and how to play in closed positions and attack the castled king.




Game 1:

The next game we chose is possibly one of the most attractive of the tournament. Again, we witness Anand on the attacking side, but this time he crushes the Sicilian Najdorf with the fashionable line 6.h3. It looked like a well cooked home preparation by Anand, based on a previous game between Navara and Grischuk from the last Olympiad. Quality play by the former world champion.


Game 2:

Topalov is living a comeback in this tournament. He is showing a tremendous fighting spirit and is playing fearless every game. In this game we see him taking down Grischuk in a sharp line of the Nimzo Indian with 4.f3.


Game 3:


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Updated 01.07.2024