“Chess Problems” Review

Tactics is something that can make you an overall better player. That’s why I recommend practicing tactics problems on daily basis. Tactical blunder is the factor that very often decides the game. It does not matter how weak or strong chess player you are, solving tactics problems is something that can keep your skills sharp and win games.

There are many places on the internet where you can solve tactics problems. One of the high quality resources that can help with your daily tactical needs is the Chess-Problems.org.

What is “Chess Problems”?

“Chess Problems” is a site containing a series of challenging chess problems that require more than just basic chess knowledge to solve.

Who are the problems aimed at?

The intended audience includes chess players for whom the basic curriculum is not feeding their hunger to learn. The project has quite a large number of problems, which are organized according to their complexity, so they will be useful both for chess amateurs and experienced players. The main idea is to promote and popularize chess.

Can anyone solve the problems?

The problems vary in difficulty and the experience of solving them will result in what might be called “inductive chain learning”. That is, solving one problem will expose you to a new concept that will allow you to undertake a previously inaccessible problem. Consequentlythe determined participant will slowly but surely be able to work his/her way through every problem.

Brief Review

Tactical problems on “Chess Problems” are divided into sections, or lessons. There are currently about 20 lessons available. These include: X-Ray attack Damming, Annihilation of defense, Blockade, Restriction of material, Stalemate, Distraction, Discovered attack, Weakness of last rows, Pin, Diagonals, Decoying, Clearing the space, Conjunction of tactical methods, Opening of a file (rank, diagonal), Demolition of pawn structure, Intermediate move/Tempo gain, Pursuit, Checkmate network, Zugzwang.

Once you select the category you want to practice the computer will throw at you problems of adaptive difficulty level. It means that if you solve the problem correctly you will get a harder problem next. If you did not get the problem right you’ll get an easier one. The program keeps the number of the problems you solve and gives you the rank, which is stored under your personal profile.

Interface look


Problems Difficulty: 7
Usability: 7
Selection of Problems: 7
Overall 7- Good website!

Visit Chess-Problems, Chess Problems at TheChessWorld.com

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Updated 11.17.2023


It's a pretty good website. And by the way I like your "Reviews" keep it coming!