Yury Markushin

Yury Markushin is a co-founder of TheChessWorld, as well as an enthusiastic chess amateur rated just below 2000 USCF.

Yury’s passion for chess is evident in his many contributions to the chess community. In addition to co-founding TheChessWorld and ChessLance, Yury has also written numerous articles on various chess topics. His insights into the game and ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner have helped millions of players around the globe.

Outside of chess, Yury is a dedicated husband and father and enjoys spending time with his family. He also has a strong interest in technology and is constantly exploring new ways to use it to improve the chess-playing experience for players around the world.

Chess Articles by Yury Markushin

7 Most Important Middlegame Principles

7 most important middlegame principlesMost chess players have a general idea of how to play the opening. However, they have problems understanding the middle-game strategies because it is not very straightforward and does not have a simple “opening idea” of developing pieces, putting the king to safety, etc. After reading this article you will learn seven most important principles […]

Free Masterclass: How to Play Without a Minor Piece with FM Viktor Neustroev

free masterclass no minor pieceMost club players can nail a mate-in-3 or spot a sneaky discovered attack. They’re pretty good at wrapping up the King and Pawn Endgame and can play a couple of opening moves without breaking a sweat. But, when it comes to positional chess… …Even the players rated 1800 or 1900 FIDE often end up scratching […]

Free Mini-Course: Secret Sauce for French Defense

Modern French DefensePicture this. You’ve set up an unbreakable defense that White just can’t bust through. It’s like you’ve got an impenetrable fortress. Then you pick one of the winning combos and totally outplay your opponent… positionally.

Positional Chess for Intermediate Players with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Positional Chess for Intermediate PlayersIn Positional Chess for Intermediate Players, GM Marian Petrov deep dives into the most important positional chess principles.

Positional Chess for Beginners with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Positional Chess for BeginnersThis GM Marian Petrov’s course is meticulously designed to guide beginners through the nuances of positional play in chess, a key element often overlooked but crucial for consistent success.

Attacking with White for Club Players by GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Attacking with White for Club PlayersTCW Academy has just the thing for you – a 3-hour masterclass video course Attacking with White for Club Players by the renowned GM Marian Petrov.

Attacking with Black for Club Players by GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Attacking with Black for Club PlayersIntroducing Attacking with Black for Club Players. It is a power-packed 3-hour course from TCW Academy, meticulously crafted by the chess virtuoso himself, GM Marian Petrov.

5 Must Know Gambits for White with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Imagine how you’re outsmarting your opponents with some insane gambits… sitting down for a game, confident and ready to rock… Imagine scoring some quick wins without breaking a sweat… The good news is that GM Marian Petrov has just finished recording a new TCW Academy course covering the 5 Must-Know Gambits for White!

5 Must Know Gambits for Black with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

I’ve got some fantastic news that’s going to flip your chess world upside down! Ready for it? TCW Academy is rolling out an absolute game-changer: a 3-hour 5 Must Know Gambits for Black with the one and only GM Marian Petrov.

It’s almost ready! (tomorrow)

Big update! Tomorrow morning on Tuesday, November 28, at 8 A.M. EST, I’m unveiling something you’ll love, especially if your goal is to significantly enhance your chess abilities.
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