10 Greatest Positional Chess Games

10 Greatest Positional Chess Games

Today we will explore some of the greatest positional games played by masterminds such as Alexander Alekhine, Aron Nimzowitsch, Emanuel Lasker, Akiba Rubenstein, Siegbert Tarrasch and so on. Many amateur chess players lack deep positional understanding because they don’t analyze classical games. Positional understanding is a very important element of chess which should not be disregarded. Don’t miss your chance to see the best positional play.

Game 1

Game 2

Most amateur players have trouble thinking positionally. These players are typically proficient at positions that involve the following elements:

  • Clear attacking possibilities
  • Straightforward tactical lines
  • Serious advantage

What should they do in positions with no such elements available, or when these elements are much more subtle? Click here to learn the answer.

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Game 8

Game 9

Game 10

Many chess players understand the importance of positional understanding, but they assume that positional chess is all about coming up with a great plan a following it straight to the victory. Coming up with a plan is indeed an important part of the game, but in order to do that a chess players needs to have a certain “library” of positional elements available for his disposal.

A chess player needs to understand common middle game positions well enough, so that he can improvise and use this knowledge in his own games. These are what we call “positional elements of chess”. After mastering all of them you will know exactly what to apply in certain positions and what will work best.

That sounds like a tough task and it is. But, we made it simpler for you. By structuring the positional course in such a way that each lesson covers one of the most important positional elements you will learn them all in just 14 days. Click here if you want to understand positional chess.

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Updated 01.06.2024