15 Best Chess Games of All Time

15 Best Chess Games of All Time

Today we present to you the collection of 15 best games in the history of chess.

These games involve the most amazing ideas imaginable, greatest combinations, superb sacrifices, tremendous positional play and so on. By deeply studying the annotations you will not only enjoy the greatest chess games but will also improve your own chess.

Analyzing a select master’s games is an important component of our training program which will boost you chess understanding and bring the results you always wanted.

15. Siegbert Tarrasch – Allies, annotation by Reinfeld

14. Alexander Steinkuehler – Joseph Henry Blackburne, annotation by Blackburne

13. Reuben Fine – Emanuel Lasker, annotation by Alekhine

12. Aron Nimzowitsch – Georg Salwe, annotation by Nimzowitsch

11. Robert James Fischer – Julio Bolbochan, annotation by Fischer

10. Paul Keres – Kurt Paul Otto Joseph Richter, annotation by Alekhine

9. Garry Kasparov – Anatoly Karpov, annotation by Kasparov

8. Emanuel Lasker – Jose Raul Capablanca, annotation by Capablanca

7. Mikhail Botvinnik – Milan Vidmar, annotation by Alekhine

6. Aron Nimzowitsch – Semion Alapin, annotation by Nimzowitsch

5. Louis Paulsen – Paul Morphy, annotation by Chernev

4. Aron Nimzowitsch – Siegbert Tarrasch, annotation by Keene

3. Mikhail Tal – Bent Larsen, annotation by Damsky

2. Donald Byrne vs Robert James Fischer, annotation by Wade

1. Georg Rotlewi vs Akiba Rubinstein, annotation by Schlechter

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Updated 01.06.2024


The game Nimzowitsch vs Alapin is missing some moves and some annotations (which I found elsewhere online, along with the year and the location where the game was played).
Dear chess friend,If you are referring to Game 1, the answer is the following:White resigns as he has no answer to the threat of ...Rxh2 mate.
#1 Im amateur to chess, how this game continue? I don't see how it finishes...
Also, GM Dragoljub Velimirovic played a lot of beautiful games with a lot of sacrifice... Immortal games and immortal chess player with his Velimirovic attack !!! R.I.P GM Velimirovic
You cannot ignore Andersson's immortal game and evergreen games while listing the top 10 or 15 games ever played.
Nidal Abed:
These are definitely great games, but do they deserve the title 15 best games ever? Not so sure about it! Where is Anderson's immortal game for example? That is IMHO the most wonderful game ever played in chess history. Paul Murphy also got incredible games beside the one you listed. Mikhail Tal played more beautiful games than the one you listed, Marshal had the most beautiful Queen's sacrifice ever and his game was not listed, Alekhine had quite few beautiful games, etc.. I think the title "15 best games ever" is overstatement