7 Best Positional Sacrifices of All Time

Yury Markushin

Positional sacrifice is something that majority of amateur chess players don’t understand. It is a mysterious technique for most club players; they don’t want to take their chances and prefer to simply stay away. If they knew how to use the positional sacrifice effectively that alone could easily add a good 200 points.


Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Game 6:

Game 7:

Want to start winning games with positional sacrifice?

GM Mikhalevski does a fantastic job explaining complicated concepts of positional sacrifice in a way that even an average player will understand and greatly benefit from.

We have only selected the most important and relevant examples to make sure that you can learn and use the ideas presented in this course to win your own games!

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Updated 04.05.2023