The “Magic” Chess Strategy

Imagine if there was a “magic” strategy that lets you win your games… The bad news is… there is no ONE strategy that could do all that (or at least I’m not aware of it).

The good news is, there is the next best thing.

It will help you win a lot more…

  • Without months of opening preparation
  • Without solving thousands of tactical drill
  • And even without memorizing hundreds of endgames

FM Viktor Neustroev worked with hundreds of students over the years and compiled a list of 24 winning concepts & strategies for practical players.

Those strategies are tested and proven to work on 1000-2300 Elo levels and will make a HUGE impact on your games.

And as a part of this special offer, Viktor agreed to reveal one of the strategies for playing when down in material.

Mus Know Chess Strategy

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We are putting the finishing touches on Winning Strategies for Club Players, a very unique training on 24 powerful concepts that are gold for any practical player.

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Updated 12.31.2023