It’s Your Move #10

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The ultimate blunder

Anyone can hang a piece, but a good blunder requires thought. There is one sort of move that is almost always played after calm, if not happy contemplation: resigning. Sometimes it is wrong to resign – or to agree to a draw.

It was Tim Krabbe, a great connoisseur of the game who wrote these famous words. He also presented as many as 35 positions to illustrate his theme.*

In the following position in a correspondence game White resigned, thinking his position was hopeless (No, there was no Fritz to help in those days).

But he would have won.

its your move 10

Georges Mathot – Walter Baumgartner, France 1958, Corr. Game


Chess Curiosities*

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Updated 04.07.2023


Dear Jimmy,No,it's neither Svidler nor Kasparov.You would soon know the real author of the words.Watch this space.
Was that Svidler or Kasparov?
Dear Cjajr,Your notation leaves something to be desired.Otherwise 1. Rc8 Rxf2? 2.Qxh6! Kxh6 3. Rh8 # looks very good.How about 1…Qg8!? instead of 1…Rxf2 ?
Dear Jim Tent,Fischer did not say it. Was he crazy?The case is complicated.Here is a two-part review of a Fischer biography:
Jim Tent:
Was that Bobby The Great (crazy) Fischer who said it? :o
1-Rc8 ( 1-Rxf , 2-Qxh , 2-Kxh, 3- Rh8#) (1-h6 , 2-Qg5, 2-Be8 ,3-Rxe,3-Qxe , 4-Nxe, and white win cause the easy palm promotion ) , 1-Be8 , 2-Rxe , 2-Qxe ,3- Nxe 3-Rxf , but with no much time , white do the check mate or can more a queen