It’s Your Move: #7


In the following position Black played 1…Bd6. He had other aggressive continuations
like 1…Nf3+ followed by…Rxh2+. Would they have been preferable to the game continuation?

it's your move 7

Answer: No. Other moves are not preferable to 1Bd6!.

It’s still the best move in this position, combining attack and defence.

Reader John Ngangi’s move 1…Ba3!? leads to fascinating play on both sides, and only the final position is favorable to White. Nevertheless, the idea deserves mention.

The other move 1…Nf6+ followed by …Rxh2+? has a fatal flaw that is refuted in the end.


Note: The position arose in the game Kasparov-Tal 1983 and the game can be found here.


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Updated 04.10.2023


Dear reader,Your move 1…Ba3!? is an interesting suggestion.White has to play carefully. One possible line is 2.b4 (The immediate 2. Bxa7+ is not so strong.)2… Nf3+ 3.Kg2 Both Black knight and bishop are attacked.3…Rd4! Now the rook is also en prise! 4. Bxd4 (4. Kxf3?Qh5+= draw by perpetual check.Or 4.R(c3)x a3 Rxh2+ 5. Kxf3 Qh5+ 6.g4 Qxg4#)4… Nxd4 5.Qe4 Bb7 6.Rc5 Qxb4 7.Raa5 and White is better.
John Ngangi: