Prasanna Kumar

Anto is an avid chess player since 2014 and has won multiple prizes in state and FIDE-rated tournaments.

He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Physics from the University of Madras.

He has also worked for Shortcastle, where he built a wide chess curriculum suitable for students of all ages and tested different online chess modules for improvement.

He enjoys analyzing and writing about chess and reading player game collections.

Anto has an Online Rapid rating of 2200, and his favorite player is Robert Fischer.

His long-term goal is to become a Master.

Chess Articles by Prasanna Kumar

7 Types of Exchanges in Chess Every Player Must Know

7 types of exchangesIn this article, we will take a look at 7 types of exchanges in Chess that every player must know. Deciding when to or not to exchange pieces is at the heart of the game of chess. Pieces interact with each other. This creates tension on the board. The only way to release the tension […]

Evans Gambit: Complete Opening Guide

evans gambit complete guideGambits are an essential part of the opening stage of the game. The Evans Gambit is an exciting gambit that teaches you many things about dynamism and non-materialism. In chess, the activity of pieces is supreme and by playing openings like the Evans Gambit we learn a lot about the game. Ready to learn about […]

10 Things We Can Learn from Mikhail Tal

10 Things We Can Learn from Mikhail TalIn every sport, some personalities are loved by all and whose play ignites the imagination in our minds. Watching them play inspires us to be like them and wonder about the unfound possibilities of the game. Mikhail Nekhemyevich Tal was one such personality. He was a larger-than-life person who opened new dimensions of the game […]

25 Must-Know Opening Principles to Reach 2000 Elo

25 Must-Know Opening Principles to Reach 2000 EloThe opening stage of the game is the easiest phase of the game. Pieces are all in their pre-defined positions and we know what each piece should do in our opening of choice. However, we often get out of ‘book’ and have to rely on our knowledge. This is the tricky part as we cannot […]

King’s Gambit: Complete Opening Guide

kings-gambit-complete-guideThe King’s Gambit, an opening of the romantics in the 19th Century. Players know it for the wild sacrifices and decisive attacks on the enemy King. This strategy is easy to understand because Checkmate ends the game. From a strategic point of view, we get the most out of the game when we pressure our […]

25 Middlegame Strategies Any Chess Player Must Know

top 25 middlegame strategiesPlayers always need to have a strategy in mind. In the middlegame strategy guides us to our goals. A player can go for either an active or passive strategy. But in sequential games like chess, it is good to have an active strategy. But whether to go for an active strategy or a passive one […]

Top 10 Best Chess Courses for Beginners

top 10 chess courses beginnersOne of the most frustrating aspects of being a beginner in chess is the scattered nature of available learning resources. Countless books, online lectures, and DVDs offer conflicting advice, leaving newcomers feeling confused and directionless. “The Best Chess Courses for Beginners” focuses on simple, easy-to-learn concepts and the authors teach straightforwardly.

Checkmate in Chess: Rules, Strategies, and Tactics for Club Players

checkmate in chessSuccessfully checkmating an opponent is one of the most thrilling experiences for a beginner in chess. It is also one of the ultimate goals of a chess player to master the art of checkmating. As you gain experience, you will realize that checkmate in chess can occur at any stage of the game, from the […]

Anti-Sicilians Complete Guide

Chess players are always looking for favorable, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-play openings. But in the openings like 1.e4 there are so many different structures that it is not easy to choose such a system. In the midst of this, we have the Sicilian Defense which you can categorize as a separate opening by itself. A typical […]

Philidor Defense: Complete Guide

philidor defense complete guideFor amateur players, the study of openings should not take up most of their time. Other topics like strategy, tactical vision, and practical decision-making have a far greater impact on the game than memorizing opening moves. But you cannot fully remove the study of openings as well. In such cases, you can play openings like […]
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