Win with King’s Indian Defense – Free Course

Win with King’s Indian Defense – Free Course

Damian Lemos is a huge fan of the King’s Indian Defense. He’s been playing it since he was 12 and hasn’t stopped, even as a GM.

You let White build a ‘massive’ center…

Just to take it apart a few moves later…

What does this mean for you?

First, you take control of the crucial h8-a8 diagonal. Then you open up the position and take over the game.

With the King’s Indian Defense, you’re all set for a win with Black.

You are guaranteed to get a Middlegame with tons of action. And GM Lemos hooks you up with all the theory, strategies, and tips you need to swing things your way.

He’s got you covered against anything White might throw at you (all moves, lines, and sub-variations are covered in this new 14-hour course!)

Just a few finishing touches to go… and the course will be all set for release on Thursday, May 23rd at 8 A.M. EST!

Why not jump in, and get started with GM Lemos’ complimentary FREE mini-course?

It gives you a quick overview of the KID and goes over Nf3-Bg5 Variation.

Click here to grab your King’s Indian Defense Mini-Course!

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Updated 05.22.2024