Chess Mastery Bundle with NM Viktor Neustroev

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Chess Mastery Bundle with NM Viktor Neustroev
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Most club players make a serious mistake by studying openings «in a vacuum», isolating it from other parts of the game. When theoretical knowledge ends they feel like a fish out of water not having any further plans or ideas.

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It’s not a secret that opening preparation makes up approximately 30-60% of success, depending on your current level. The two other major contributing factors are planning and converting the advantage.

Most club players make a serious mistake by studying openings “in a vacuum“, isolating it from other parts of the game. When theoretical knowledge ends they feel like a fish out of water not having any further plans or ideas.

The good news is… there is an easy fix!

You can skyrocket your winning chances by simply learning typical piece maneuvers, common setups and checkmating patterns. And what’s important those are universal concepts, meaning that after you learn it once, you can apply it in all your games, regardless of the opening!

What this course is about?

In this 5-hour course, NM Neustroev starts off by giving you a crash course on some of the most popular openings for white including the Two Knights Defense, Evans Gambit, and Anti-Sicilians: Rossolimo and Moscow Variations. Then Viktor switches gears and goes into the black’s repertoire based on the Sicilian Defense: Paulsen Variation and the Slav Defense.

Next, NM Neustroev dives into the 15 most dangerous opening traps, investigating each and everyone “under the microscope”, providing advice and showing the powerful “anti-traps”. You definitely don’t want to miss this part!

Viktor follows up by revealing the 9 must-know checkmating patterns. These ideas will help you at finding checkmating sequences in your own games, initiating powerful tactical strikes as well as improving the overall quality of your games.

Finally, NM Neustroev gives a masterclass on DOMINATING the isolated pawn positions and concludes with schematic thinking and game planning algorithms [you can directly copy and apply those to your own games].

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for 1200 – 2100 rated players. If you follow all the lessons and complete practical tasks, you’re guaranteed to improve your opening understanding and overall strength.

What You Will Learn?

  • Key ideas for getting an advantage after the first 10-15 moves playing the game
  • Number 1 rule you should use to effectively exploit your opponent’s opening mistakes
  • Common tactical motifs to look out for to not get trapped in the opening [a must-know secret]
  • How to catch your opponent off guard with the “power moves” in certain tactical positions?
  • What are the most important checkmating patterns leading to powerful tactical strikes?
  • The full blueprint for successfully playing for or against the isolated pawn
  • Schematic thinking and how strong Grandmasters use it to leave their competition behind

Video Course + Exercises

Chess Openings for Beginners and Club Players [18 Chapters]

CHAPTER 1 White: Two Knights Defense
CHAPTER 2 White: Evans Gambit
CHAPTER 3 What to play against Scandinavian Defense
CHAPTER 4 Anti-Sicilian Systems
CHAPTER 5 Black: Sicilian Defense: Paulsen Variation
CHAPTER 6 Black: Slav Defense

…and 12 more chapters

Chess Strategies: Learn How To Checkmate [26 Chapters]

CHAPTER 1 Back-Rank Mates
CHAPTER 2 Queen & Pawn Mates
CHAPTER 3 Rook & Bishop Mates
CHAPTER 4 Rook & Knight Mates
CHAPTER 5 Bishop & Knight Mates
CHAPTER 6 2 Bishops Mates

…and 20 more chapters

Puzzles and Special Tasks Included for all 5 Courses

Chess Openings Traps You Should Know[15 Chapters]

CHAPTER 1 A Good Trap
CHAPTER 2 Legal’s Mate (Bad Trap)
CHAPTER 3 Stick to Basic Principles
CHAPTER 4 2…f6??
CHAPTER 5 King’s Gambit
CHAPTER 6 French Defense: The Exchange Variation
CHAPTER 7 1…d6?!
CHAPTER 8 Russian Game
CHAPTER 9 Traps in Philidor Defense
CHAPTER 10 Two Knights Defense

…and 5 more chapters

Chess Strategies: How To Play With Or Against Isolated Pawn [12 Chapters]

CHAPTER 1 Where to meet an isolated pawn
CHAPTER 2 Learn general plans on how to play against the isolated pawn
CHAPTER 3 Obstructing enemy pieces
CHAPTER 4 The weakness in the endgame
CHAPTER 5 Simplify the position
CHAPTER 6 The advantages of the isolated pawn
CHAPTER 7 The breakout
CHAPTER 8 Hold the opponent’s weak pawn
CHAPTER 9 The attack on the kingside

…and 3 more chapters

FREE BONUS: How to Make a Plan [13 Chapters]

CHAPTER 1 How to evaluate the position
CHAPTER 2 Game plans with detailed explanation
CHAPTER 3 Complicated Plans

…and 10 more chapters

About the Author

NM Viktor Neustroev (FIDE 2211)

is a chess player and coach who won multiple regional competitions and received various awards. He has coached for many year and has had highly successful students. Viktor sees his mission in teaching chess and making his students overall much better players.