From Club Player to Expert with GM Nikola Nestorovic

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From Club Player to Expert with GM Nikola Nestorovic
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GM Nikola Nestorovic has been coaching for nearly 10 years. He developed his own training to take a 1400-1600 rated player to a tournament player level and beyond. It's based on 5 concepts: Tactical Patterns, Strategical Patterns, Middlegame Ideas, Endgame Ideas, and Opening Ideas.

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Have you ever wondered why some players are stuck at 1400-1600 Elo… for years.

While others skyrocket to 1900, 2100, 2200  Elo… while training equally hard?

GM Nikola Nestorovic has been coaching for nearly 10 years. He developed his own training to take a 1400-1600 rated player to a tournament player level and beyond.

It’s based on 5 concepts:

  1. Tactical Patterns
  2. Strategical Patterns
  3. Middlegame Ideas
  4. Endgame Ideas
  5. Opening Ideas

It helped Katarina to become a U16 National Champ.

It helped a 15-year-old Josiah from California to obtain his FM and IM norms.

It also helped Elie to boost his rating from under 1600 to over 2000.

And it will help you as well.

GM Nestorovic compressed everything into a single 10-hour course. Brought everything up to date. Refined all the examples. Thoroughly annotated games.

And today you can get started with this truly unique training and become a much stronger player in a matter of weeks, not years!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Destruction of the pawn structure – Learn how to systematically dismantle your opponent’s pawn structure, creating weaknesses that you can exploit to gain a strategic advantage
  • Fewer trades = more pressure – Discover how to apply consistent pressure on your opponent without resorting to useless exchanges
  • The Knight Dance – Master the art of knight maneuvers, a crucial aspect of chess strategy that is often overlooked
  • The Pawn Rush – Learn how to seize control of the center of the board and create attacking opportunities. You’ll learn how to use the pawn rush effectively and how to respond when your opponent uses it against you
  • How to beat a Grandmaster – Finally, discover the secrets to beating even the best players in the world. Learn how to think like a Grandmaster, anticipate your opponent’s moves, and outmaneuver them at every turn

If you are ready to put in the work and see serious results, then this training is for you.


Chapter 1.1. Tactical patterns
Chapter 1.2. The attack is better than the defense
Chapter 1.3. Pawn rush
Chapter 1.4. Rook is going to a better square
Chapter 1.5. Destruction of the pawn structure
Chapter 1.6. Bring the rook for the mate!
Chapter 1.7. Right trade at the right moment
Chapter 2.1. Dance of the black knight
Chapter 2.2. Activity
Chapter 2.3. Knight is better than rook
Chapter 2.4. Weak squares
Chapter 3.1. King’s Indian opening plans through history
Chapter 3.2. My first victory against GM
Chapter 3.3. No chance for black
Chapter 4.1. Active rook
Chapter 4.2. Passive play – bad result
Chapter 4.3. One bad move is enough to lose
Chapter 4.4. Passed Pawn
Chapter 4.5. Strength of the bishop pair in the endgame
Chapter 4.6. Knight vs Bishop
Chapter 4.7. Find the right weakness and exploit it
Chapter 5.1. Fewer trades – more pressure
Chapter 5.2. Knight sacrifice for the two pawns and activity
Chapter 5.3. 4th move h3
Chapter 5.4. 8th move g4
Chapter 5.5. How to punish too many pawn moves in the opening
Chapter 5.6. Strange opening against a strong opponent
Chapter 6.1. Wait for your chance and use it
Chapter 6.2. Better concentration – fewer blunders
Chapter 6.3. French Defense in a strategic way
Chapter 6.4. Keep it strong after a blunder

About the Author:

GM Nikola Nestorovic [2516 FIDE]

is a Grandmaster from Serbia and has been playing chess for over 20 years. Nikola became a GM in 2015 and FIDE Trainer in 2018. He is very passionate about coaching and holds Bachelor’s degree in Education. GM Nestorovic is a winner of multiple prestigious National and International tournaments. He is also a head coach of a Serbian chess school and the author of numerous books.