Scandinavian Defense - Learn All The Key Variations & Ideas with Angelo Kesaris

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Scandinavian Defense - Learn All The Key Variations & Ideas with Angelo Kesaris
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Angelo Kesaris, FIDE National Instructor with 20 years of experience, made this 5-hour, comprehensive, entertaining, and educational course about Scandinavian Defense happen. The only thing he's asking from you is just some of your precious time.

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Preview by the Author:

After some chess games, you’ll feel the necessity to learn opening theory. As a trainer, I used to have problems with what opening shall teach beginner and ambitious chess players. Some openings need excellent memory, others need positional understanding. I was struggling for some time but finally, I understood that Scandinavian Defense is the perfect opening to start with!

The ideas behind the opening don’t require strong strategical understanding and an extraordinary memory. You just need to exchange the central pawns, your d-pawn with White’s e-pawn. Then you need to pin the enemy knights by your Bishops and, finally, put your remaining pawns on e6 and c6.

Even a 5 years old kid or a busy adult person can use this opening, Scandinavian Defense, with success after watching my comprehensive, entertaining, and educational videos on this opening system. The only thing I’m asking is just some of your precious time.

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • How to get an advantage after the first 10-15 moves
  • Learn all the variations; sublines & main lines
  • Understand the middlegame plans
  • A solid repertoire against 1.e4


01. Intro // The Best Scandinavian Games
02. Sublines | 3.d3
03. Sublines | 3.Qf3
04. Sublines | 3.c4
05. Sublines | 3.d4
06. Sublines | 3.Nf3
07. Sublines | 3…Qe5+
08. Sublines | 4.Rb1
09. Sublines | 4.b4 // Misses Gambit
10. Sublines | 4.g3
11. Sublines | 4.Bc4
12. Sublines | 4…g6 // Nc6 // e6 // Bf5
13. Sublines | 4…e5
14. Sublines | 4…c6
15. Sublines | 5.h3 // Bd3

16. Main Line | 5.Bd2
17. Main Line | 5.Bc4
18. Main Line | 5.Nf3 Ne4 // Nc6
19. Main Line | 5.Nf3 Bf5
20. Main Line | 6.Ne5
21. Main Line | 6…Bg4
22. Main Line | 8.Ne4 // Nd5
23. Main Line | 8.Qe2

Additional Info:

  • 23 Videos
  • 90 Games Analyzed
  • Complete Repertoire

About the Author:

Angelo Kesaris [FIDE 1928]

is a professional chess coach and FIDE National Instructor with 20 years of experience. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organizing lessons in chess clubs, private classes, and online teaching. Angelo quickly made a name for himself by publishing practical strategies that new players can use to improve their chess.