Advanced Endgame Techqniues with GM Jacek Stopa [TCW Academy]

Advanced Endgame Techqniues with GM Jacek Stopa [TCW Academy]

Are you familiar with general endgame concepts, but don’t know where to take it from here? That’s where many club players are at, not knowing… what’s next?

You are in luck because GM Jacek Stopa is talking ‘advanced endgame concepts’. All those concepts are extremely useful for practical players, and you’ll definitely learn something new for yourself, improving your endgame understanding throughout the course.

GM Stopa recorded this 3-hour course, to explain some very important endgame concepts including blockade, fortress, advanced opposite color bishop endings, complex pawn endgames, and many more!

This course is designed for those familiar with fundamental endgame principles [like opposition, triangulation, underpromotion] and wants to take their endgame understanding to the next level.

What you will learn:

  • Activating the king – the must know idea
  • Playing defense with your King – maximizing King’s power
  • Opposite Colored Bishops with Rooks Endings – how to play those for both sides
  • Concept of “blockade” – blocking opponent’s pawn majority
  • Must-know defensive setups in the opposite color bishops
  • Advanced opposite color endgames
  • The concept of ‘fortress’ and how to use this strong defensive resource
  • Unusual pawn endgames – the winning approach
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Updated 02.08.2024