Benoni Defense with IM Valeri Lilov [TCW Academy]

Benoni Defense with IM Valeri Lilov [TCW Academy]

“…one of the most complicated and difficult to know and understand.” – Valeri Lilov

The Benoni Defense is dynamic and dangerous…against White’s 1.d4 opening. It can be the center of your opening repertoire that can rattle White’s not-so-well-thought plans in mere few moves!

Unbalanced pawn structure, imbalances on both sides of the board, and you are up for an unrelenting fight.

Perfect for short-time controls… and regardless of whatever position White plays for, Black imminently ends up better.

Yet it’s not a piece of cake.

The Benoni is inherently tricky to play for Black, with lots of sidelines and traps that White has at his disposal. (More than you can actually imagine)

If you are prepared, you can match blow-for-blow White’s every move and even confuse him for good at times. If you are not, let’s prepare the coffin for your king now.

What you will learn:

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Updated 02.02.2024