The Dutch Defense with GM Petrov [TCW Academy]

The Dutch Defense with GM Petrov [TCW Academy]

Have you been struggling to find the perfect Black opening against 1. d4?

With so many openings to choose from, it’s hard to find one that suits your chess style.

Though the Dutch Defense isn’t as commonly played as other openings, it can provide you with a new, lasting, and simple-to-learn setup that can provide you with the tools necessary to finish the game!

Are you interested?

If so, keep reading for more info about how you can transform your game as Black with the Dutch Defense!

In chess, White determines the initial trajectory of the game, giving Black an immediate disadvantage. Because of this, it can become difficult to prepare against all of White’s possible plans.

Also, with 1. d4 easily known as one of the most popular, yet complex, opening moves, it is important to solidify how you will respond. Many times, it can be a good idea to take your opponent away from the standard replies and into the sharper, lesser-used theory behind the Dutch.

That’s why we present to you GM Marian Petrov’s masterful review of the entire Dutch Defense in his latest 3-hour course!

If you are looking for a new way to take White out of his/her comfort zone, don’t hesitate to learn from GM Petrov’s legendary series describing all of the Dutch lines you can easily implement into your games.

From top-tier game review the detailed theoretical analysis of Dutch variations, you will be more than ready to surprise your opponent and claim a thrilling Dutch victory!

In this course, GM Marian Petrov will guide you through all the possible variations for Black to play in the Dutch Defense.

Watch Dutch Defense Preview:

Specifically, he will cover the following:

1. The two main Dutch variations (Stonewall and Leningrad) along with the most
important sidelines to watch out for
2. The move-by-move theory and strategy behind each variation
3. How to gain the initiative in the center and kingside with the Dutch
4. How to strategize attacks and take back control in Dutch-based games as Black

What will this course do for you?

Once you have completed this course, you will have enough knowledge to begin practicing what you have learned about the Dutch Defense (and its many variations) into your own games.

Additionally, unlike other Dutch Defense Courses, you will have the opportunity to learn in-depth about every important Dutch variation, which you can use to decide what kind of Dutch player, you want to be!

What you will learn:

  • The Stonewall Dutch including and excluding b6 setups with/without the light-squared bishop
  • The Leningrad Dutch for g6 setups with the dark-squared bishops
  • Other variations along with how to counter White’s more rare moves
  • Analyzed GM games where the Dutch Defense was successfully put to the test
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Updated 02.08.2024


Yury Markushin:
Great! Trust this opening will serve you well!
Nice intro i am excited to try out this opening maneuver
Yury Markushin:
Hello Roy! Great to hear that - and it is an amazing opening! Let me know if you have any questions about the Dutch!
Yury Markushin:
Great, TCW Academty will help you achieving your goals!
Yury Markushin:
Hello Prajeet, thanks for your comment! Right now this course is only available as part of the Academy.
Intruiging opening for sure. Especially that you mention that it is not very used and is easy to lern. i will chek it out
Very interesting! I will look into the Dutch defense now. Can i buy course separate from the academy?
Naina mn:
I want to be learn chess very well sir
Yury Markushin:
You are very welcome!
Yury Markushin:
Hello Genya, this course is the part of TCW Academt, it is 3-hours lojng and include PGNs and practical tasks. You can join the academy here:
How long is this course? Can where can I watch the whole thing?
Tomas E:
Great presentation by Grandmaster Marian! Big thanks to thechessworld.