10 Awesome Modern Chess Art Images

Today we present you the 10 awesome chess drawings by Mr. Stushie. Feel free to check out his Flickr page for more amazing chess graphics and content.

Every picture in his collection has a deep meaning…

For example, the one you see on the right is a chess knight at school learning how to fork pieces, checkmate with his friend Bishop and complete the Knight Tour!

Picture 1: Chess players on a cold day outside

Picture 2: Chess pieces on a board, huddled together

Picture 3: Bishop and Knight confronting each other

Picture 4: White King hedged in by Black Knight and Bishop, but cannot checkmate

Picture 5: Powerful Knight against the opposition

Picture 6

Picture 7: Indian design chess pieces

Picture 8: Chess pieces on cosmic board

Picture 9: Abstract chess drawings

Picture 10: The Knight in school


Images in this article are used with a permission of the author .

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Updated 04.07.2023