The Transporter: Chess Rules

Here is the continuation of the chess humor series.

Many of you like to play chess, some of you also like to watch movies during the ‘free of chess’ time. How does an action movie like The Transporter can be used to interpret the Game of Kings?

At first, it seems like these two things are completely unrelated, but our guest blogger Swriter thinks differently. And not only thinks, but he was kind enough to share his ideas with me us and … well keep reading

Rule #1: “Never change the deal”

The deal’s the deal. When you make a plan in the chess game, try to follow it as hard as you can. Of course, everybody knows, Rules are made to be broken. But before you will go for that, remember, Complications often arise when one broke rules! You should have really serious reasons to move aside from the book opening. First, check for more traditional book opening moves. This is why, Never change the deal. Unless you are really forced to do that!

Rule #2: “No names”

You should not be intimidated by a name or a high title of your may be famous opponent. Whoever is your opponent, he is also a partner for taking his part in a beautiful (sometimes wild) chess game you’re both about to enjoy. Chess goes first! So, No names rule!

Rule #3: “Never look in the package”

Play always to win, no disturbing thoughts of the cross-table score standings during the game. Those thoughts will come later, after the game is finished. But during the game, Never look in the package rule!

Follow these three The Transporter Chess Rules and you will always have fun in chess!!!

Read the Real rules of the game of chess here.

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Updated 11.17.2023


Thank you ! :lol:
It's awesome! :roll:
A note from author.Dear readers of Let me explain something about “3 rules” jokes I wrote here.My idea was to imagine what “The Transporter” hero point of view on the Chess game might look like? Please keep in mind that he is a really strong action-type character not accustomed to chess like thinking. So, this is where “3 rules” jokes came from. I also want to add that my opinion about what is the best strategy in chess might be different from The Transporter’s character. Thank you for your attention. Have fun and good luck in real chess games! :lol: RegardsS.Writer