Endgame Plays: 7 Finest

Endgame Plays: 7 Finest

Endgame Plays are very special phases of the game. It is not only special because each pawn, tempi, and a wrong move can lead to a disaster, but also because the endgame is decisive. Memorization and tactics won’t be as useful here. Success mostly depends on the fundamental understanding of simple positions and technical skills. If you want to progress as a chess player working on endgames is a must. It is literally impossible to become a strong player without a deep understanding of simple endings.

Today we will look at some of the finest examples of endgame play.

 Game 1

Game 2

Endgame Plays: Game 3

Endgame Plays: Game 4

Game 5

Endgame Plays: Game 6

Game 7

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Updated 12.16.2023


Nice Endgame moves.