10 Winning Chess Combinations: The Rook Sacrifice

Yury Markushin
10 Winning Chess Combinations: The Rook Sacrifice

In today’s article we will focus on one very important positional element of chess, the exchange sacrifice. The exchange sacrifice occurs when one side gives up its rook for the opponent’s minor piece. That can be done for various reasons. Some of the most common motifs for the exchange sacrifice are the destruction of king’s pawn structure, removing of the defender, or setting up a mating net.

After going through the examples in today’s article you will be able to detect the possibilities of the exchange sacrifice and to effectively use it in your own games.

Combination 1:

Combination 2:


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Combination 3:

Combination 4:

Combination 5:

Combination 6:

Combination 7:

Combination 8:

Combination 9:

Combination 10:

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Updated 01.06.2024