6 Greatest Grandmaster’s Upsets

Do you think Grandmasters always outplay the lower rated competition? Think again. Even the greatest players like Garry Kasparov may lose to those 300 points lower rated. Can a Grandmaster lose to a Master rated player? What if that Grandmaster is a World Champion Vishy Anand? The answer is “yes”. In this article we will experience some of the greatest Grandmaster’s upsets. Ready? Let’s get started.

Game 1: World Champion lost to a 2300 with white

Game 2: Kasparov’s worst chess game

Game 3: A 2700+ GM loses to a 2200 player

Game 4: Super-GM loses to a master in style

Game 5: 2600+ GM lost to a 2000 rated player with white

Game 6: 2700 vs. 2300 Result? 0-1

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Updated 04.10.2023


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