3 Killer Chess Tactics Most Players Cannot Find

Yury Markushin
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Previously we offered a few interesting tactics problems such as this and that. Today we want to present a 3 more interesting tactical motifs that most chess players cannot find. Take a look at these problems and challenge yourself to solve it.


Problem 1: Vaccaroni – Mazzoki, Roma, 1891

killer move 1

Problem 2: Janovsky – David, Paris, 1891

killer move 1

Problem 3: Donisthorpe – Mundell, London, 1892

killer move 1

Solve more tactics:

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Updated 04.07.2023


chess wizard:
Problem 1: Qg4+ Bxg4, Rxh6+ gxh6, bf7 mateProblem 2: Bxg7+ Kxg7, Qg4+ ( if Kf6 then Nh5 is mate ) Kh8, Rxh7+ Kxh7 , f6+ Kh8 , Qxg7 mateProblem 3: Qxe5+ ...
Problem no.3 is quite easy,but i think begginers cannot find itThe solution to it is QXe5+,if fXe5 then Bg5# or if dXe5 then bc5#.
Problem 1 : Qa1++Problem 2 : f6Problem 3 :Qxe5+
Ben Gradsky:
Solution to #2.1. f6 Nxf62. Bxf6 Bxf6 (or gxf6)3. Rxh7 Kg84. Rh8 Kxh85. Qh5 Kg8 (or Kg7)6. Qh7#
As a "chesscoach" you have overlooked 2....Nh6 in the second problem? maybe you should teach your students some degree ofmodesty when facing problems that only appear simple at first glance, but are not...
Solution to problem 3 has redily been given, but again:1. Qxe5+!! Now, black has 2 chices, both leading to mate in one:1... dxe5 2. Lc5#1... fxe5 2. Lg5#Most solutions given to problem 2, apart from the one posted by MarkIX, do not work.Example: solution by Dgn1. f6 Nxf62. Bxf6 Bxf63. Qh5? is easily refuted by 3. h6, not resulting in any mate.Another example by Supertitiz:1. Rxh7+ Kxh7 2. f6+ does not work due to 2... g6 Even after 3. Qh5+ Nh6, white cannot instantly force mate. Then, after 4. fxe7 Qxe7 5. Bf4, black will reply 5... Rh8, and then after 6. Qxh6 Kg8, black has averted the attack. You retain pressure in exchange for a quality, but it will not result in mate.In conclusion, MarkIX had everything right in the first place. Other solutions given seemed hopeful and strong, but are just not decisive enough.
Solution to problem one:1. Qg4+!! Bxg4 (the only move)2. Rxh6+! gxh6 (again, the only move)3. Bf7#. A beautiful double bishop mate.Most solutions to problem 2 seem good, but are not forcing enough:Solution to problem two:1. Bxg7+! Kxg7 (forced)2. Rxh7+!! Here black has two options, both will be explored extensively.Option one:2... Kf63. Nh5+ Kg5 (forced)4. Qd2+ Kg4/Kh45. Qf4#Option 2:2... Kxh73. Qh5+ Kg7 (if 3... Nh6 then 4. f6+ Bf5 5. Bxf5+ Kg8 6. Qxh6 with a forced mate in one.)4. f6+ Kxf6 (if 4... Bxf6 5. Qh7#)5. Qh8+ Kg5 (if 5... Ke6 6. Qe5#)6. Qg7+ Kh4 (if 6... Kf4 7. Qe5+ Kg4 8. h3+ Kh4 9. Qf4+ Bg4 10. Qxg4#)7. Qh7+ Kg5 (if 7... Nh6 8. Qxh6+ Kg4 9. Qh5+ with repetition of line after move 6.)(if 7... Kg4 8. Qh5+ with repetition.)8. Qh5+ Kf4 and then repetition of line until 10. Qxg4#8... Kf6 9. Qe5#
Problem 31.Qxe5+ fxe52.Bg5#or 1...dxe5 2.Bc5#
i like ur solutions the most all others' are ridiculous
Aaack! Didn't see how Qf3# lets Black king out of the box. Queen sacrifice is also necessary to close the trap. So:2 Qg4+ Bxg43 Bg7#.[/quote]Wrong move order, 2 Qg4+ Kxg4
Aaack! Didn't see how Qf3# lets Black king out of the box. Queen sacrifice is also necessary to close the trap. So:2 Qg4+ Bxg43 Bg7#.
Problem 1: Vaccaroni v. Mazzoki, Roma 18911 Rxh6# gxh62 Qf3+ Bg43 Bf7#Problem 2: Janovsky v. David, Paris 18911 f6 Nxf62 Bxf6 Bxf6 (or gxf6)3 Qh5! 1-0Nothing Black does will avert checkmate at this point.Problem 3: Donisthorpe v. Munell, London 18921 Qxe5# fxe5 (or dxe5)2 Bg5# (or Bc5#)
Sanjeev Thakur:
Problem 1. 1. Qg4+Bxg4 2. Rxh6+ gxh6 3.Bf7# checkmate
All 3 of these were quite easy...first one is Qg4+ Bxg4 Rxh6+ gxh6 Bf7 matesecond is a simple Rxh7+ Kxh7 Qh5#third is Qxe5 then either Qxe6 mates, Bc5 mates or Bg5 mates.
Problem 1. 1. Qg4+Bxg4 2. Rxh6+ gxh6 3. Bf7# checkmate
exercise 3:1. Dxe5+... si 1. fxe52. Af5++ si 1. dxe5 2. Ac5++
problem 1 answer: 1:c3 defending a1 mateand wants bishop if bishop takes bishop Qg4 mate or other options problem 2 answer: 1:Rxh7+ Kxh7 2:f6+ white winsproblem 3 answer: i think f4 is the best for this position for opening f and d files for black squared bishop
1. Qg4 Lg4 2. Th6 gh6 3. Lf71. Lg7 Kg7 2. Th7 (if Kf6 Sh5) Kh7 3. f61. Qe5 fe5 2. Lg5 de5 2. Lc5