Chess Problem #4


The recently concluded 37th World Chess Solving Tournament (24th September-25th September, 2013) in Batumi, Georgia was an affair to remember. The event held under the aegis of WFCC* was directed by Axel Steinbrink, Germany. 56 Solvers from 19 countries participated in the competition. Poland was first, followed by Germany and Serbia in this prestigious event.

Boris Tummes, Arno Zude, MichaelPfannkuche (Germany); Alexander Mista, Piotr Murdzia, Kacper Piorun (Poland); Bojan Vuckovic, Marjan Kovacevic, Borislav Gadjanski (Serbia)

Among the solvers Piotr Murdzia (Poland) scored the highest individual result, 85.75 followed by Arno Zude (Germany) 84.5 and Kacper Piorun (Poland) 83 points out of 90.

Arno Zude, Piotr Murdzia and Kacper Piorun

The following problem is taken from the first round (Two-mover Section)

chess problem 4

White to play and mate in two moves

(Set yourself a time limit of 7 minutes)

Solution: When you look at the position, you find that the only piece not participating in the attack is the bishop on b5.

If only the c4 pawn can move ahead, there will be a discovered check followed by mate. First, the queen has to clear the way for the pawn.

Black in turn would block c5 with the rook or the queen.

Worse, he could also bring the knight to e5 to occupy c4 if the pawn moves.

So the White queen should remain on the 5th rank to prevent all these counter moves.

Now there is a second difficulty.

Black would play 1…Rd2, allowing 2…Kxc2 or 2… Kxe4(if White plays 2. R(e2)x d2+)

Hence, it’s necessary to guard e4, neutralizing the defense with 1…Rd2.

Thus the only move is 1.Qd5.

At first sight this appears innocuous.

Then you realize, Black cannot block c5 advance with 1…Rc5 or 1…Ne5

as the d4 pawn captures either piece with a discovered check by the queen.


(Without the knight on g6 White has a dual with 1. Qc6 and 1. Qd5)


1) The file photo of Milan Vukcevich is taken from the Wikipedia

2)The images of the 37th World Chess Solving Tournament

are taken from WFCC

Thanks, Ms Julia Vysotska!

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Updated 04.10.2023


Dear reader, 1.Ne1+ Rx e1 2.Red2+ is met by 2…Kxe4.Then White would need one more move to mate with 3.Qd5 or 3.Ng5.
am I missing something??? Ne1+ Rxe1,Re2d2 mate
Dear friends,Sorry, there was a faux pas in the previous diagram.The Black knight on g6 was missing.Now it’s right there.With the knight on g6 the task looks complicated.In fact it’s easy.Here is a hint: Without the knight on g6 White mates with 1.Qc6 Rxc6 2.c5.There is one more way of doing it.It’s miraculously simple!If you find it, the same will work with the knight on g6 as well.Best of luck!
Dear reader,Glad to see your interest.The solution is elegant. Trust, you would find it.
Looks hard need to think more... :o