7 Reasons to ‘Like’ Chess Club Live Page

Yury Markushin
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7 Reasons to ‘Like’ Chess Club Live Page

  There are hundreds if not thousands of chess pages and groups on Facebook. Some of these pages are poor, some are okay, and some are great. How do we decide if the page is a good one or not? Most readers choose to ‘like’ the page or not based on its content. If they find it appealing and useful they go ahead and subscribe. What makes Chess Club Live different? Let’s find out.

1. Instant News Delivery

One of the greatest advantages to be a Chess Club Live subscriber is getting access to the latest chess news even before they become news on the major chess sites. Want to know a new FIDE rule introduced, results of the latest FIDE election or the list participants for the 21 category tournament? Easy. This page will help out.

2. Over 50 Editors updating the page day and night

Many editors from around the globe work to keep the page always updated. That guarantees that nothing important is missed from being covered. New stuff appears on the page with no breaks and holidays, day and night all year around.

The page does not have to have just one opinion about a topic it covers, unlike many news agencies where only one opinion is predominant. Chess Club Live shares the opinions of all it’s editors equally, creating a great chess conversation, or sometimes a debate.

3. Tons of educational materials

The editors have their own area of chess expertise. Some specialize on covering the latest chess events, some are dedicated to providing the best chess training materials free of charge. If you want to improve your game Chess Club Live can help you here as well.

By following the instructional articles shared on the page you can pick up some serious rating points. Stay tuned.

4. Lots of new tactics will not let your brain get bored

Tactics problems of various difficulty levels are posted often. If you’re looking for a place to solve tactics puzzles and share your solutions, you found the right page for yourself. You can also compare your answers against the others’.

5. Newest tournament reports from the major events all over the globe

Chess Club Live covers all of the major chess tournaments providing standings, round images, and the snapshots of the most important games. If you want to know the results of that Calrlsen – Caruana game the chances are it will be covered by Chess Club Live before an official game report is released.

6. Active member’s base

Chess Club Live is approaching 200k members. If you have a chess question that you want to ask, there is no better place for that. Ask your question and it will be addressed either by the fellow members or by one of the admins.


7. Constantly rolling chess content

I have mentioned before that the chess content is being updated very frequently, with a new stuff being constantly added. Chess Club Live is one of the most active chess pages on the internet.

Did I convince you to join yet? Time to act, join Chess Club Live now.



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Updated 01.13.2024