ACP Cup Riga 2013 Part III

ACP Cup Riga 2013 Part III

Chessbibliophile offers the third instalment of the report on ACP Cup, Riga.

The first two instalments are here and here for those who missed. -Ed.

September 15 Semi Finals


“How do I get past Peter?”

Sasha had every reason to feel concerned as Peter proceeded to outplay him altogether to reach the following position:

Here is the game in pgn

Of course he is winning. But in time trouble he made an impatient move handing over initiative to his opponent. Here is what happened:

“I have blown it.”

It’s all over!

The other meeting Nepomniachtchi – Ponomariov was first evenly contested with each player winning a game.

Sadly, in the third game Ponomariov allowed himself to be outplayed with White after the queens were exchanged. In the fourth game Nepomniachtchi conducted a blitzkrieg attack and Ponomariov capitulated.

(A tense encounter, Ivanchuk remains an interested spectator)

Here is the game in pgn

Nepomniachtchi played enterprising chess and deserved to win this minimatch.


Grischuk-Svidler 1½-½

Nepomniachtchi-Ponomariov 3-1

Thus the stage was set for the final contest, Grischuk-Nepomniachtchi.



The images in this report are by the talented photographer,

Lennart Ootes who also took care of the official site.

Thanks, Lennart!

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Dear reader,Thanks for the comment.We were caught up in the World Championship Match.The final instalment of the report should follow soon.
good playing...
Dear reader,Thanks for the comment.The winner would be revealed in the final report.Watch this space!
Antonino Gerogio T.:
Good analysis. Svidler looks very sad. Who won the tournament?