IM Zaur Tekeyev

Zaur Tekeyev is an International Master rated 2425 FIDE. He is an active player, participating in tournaments all over the world.

Zaur has been coaching chess players of different ages and levels for many years.

As a player, he has won multiple tournaments, one of the best results being 1st place in the Moscow Open 2017.

Zaur is also a big online blitz player, with an online rating of over 2800. IM Tekeyev is a chess author and coach.

Chess Articles by IM Zaur Tekeyev

Slav Defense: The Complete Guide

slav defense complete guideSlav Defense is one of the best ways of dealing with the Queen’s Gambit with Black. It leads to solid positions with easy development and chances to play for a win. No wonder the Slav took a firm place in the repertoires of the best players in the world.

How to Win with White Pieces?

how to win white piecesHow to win with white pieces? In chess, the right to start first gives White more possibilities for grabbing space, developing pieces, and seizing the initiative. But overall, Black is successful at equalizing the chances in the opening. That leads to the question: how should you approach the game to win more often with White […]

1.d4 Gambits: 3 Chess Openings to Know

1.d4 gambits1.d4 gambits are some of the most important gambits in chess. When it comes to opening preparation, it makes sense to devote more time to more popular variations. This way, you can be better prepared in the lines that are more likely to happen in your games. On the other hand, it makes you more […]

Smith-Morra Gambit: Complete Guide

smith morra gambitThe best approach for dealing with the Sicilian Defense depends on your personal playing style and preferences. As White, you can choose to play sharp, theoretical lines or adopt a more positional strategy. If you prefer to avoid extensive study of theory but still want to take the initiative from the start of the game, […]

Leningrad Dutch: Complete Guide

If you want to play for a win with Black pieces, you should have fighting openings in your repertoire. Such openings keep the game tense and don’t allow White to trade many pieces early. It is also nice if it gives Black attacking possibilities. Against 1.d4, one of such openings is the Dutch Defense. With […]

Petroff Defense: Complete Guide

petroff defensePetroff Defense is one of the most solid and reliable openings in chess. White has always been struggling to find an advantage against it. It usually leads to symmetrical and balanced positions where it is hard to complicate the game. It makes Black’s play rather simple and straightforward.

Owen’s Defense: Complete Guide

owens defenseOwen’s Defense: When it comes to studying openings, most of the players look for shortcuts and skip studying the rare ones. It gives their opponents good chances to surprise them with off-beat openings. One such option is Owen’s Defense. It is a flexible hypermodern opening. Black allows the first player to conquer the center and […]

10 Things to Learn from William Steinitz

10-things-to-learn-from-steinitzWhy study William Steinitz? One of the most effective ways to study chess is to analyze games of the best players. How do you choose a player to study from? It can be based on what you want to improve in chess. Usually, people recommend learning how to attack from such players as Tal and […]

Tactical 1.e4: Why is It Perfect for Attacking Players?

tactical 1e4Tactical 1.e4: When it comes to building an Opening Repertoire, it is important to consider the player’s strengths and weaknesses. Many people underperform because their openings don’t match their style. It is easy to imagine a strong positional player getting lost in tactical jungles as well as a strong tactician making no sense in a […]

Four Knights Game: Complete Guide

four knights gameFour Knights Game is one of those openings that are popular at both beginner and grandmaster levels. It has solid positional ground and most of the time leads to calm positions. At the same time, some lines are so sharp that it is not surprising that many strong and creative players favored the Four Knights […]
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