Laura Sherman

Laura Sherman

Laura Sherman is an author, educator, and a ghostwriter.

She has been a professional writer for over 25 years and loves what she does.

Among other pieces, Laura wrote Chess Is Child’s Play with Bill Kilpatrick. Chess Is Child’s Play teaches any parent, of any skill level, to teach any child, of any age, to play chess.

Laura lives in a thirty-five-foot motorhome where she and her husband homeschool their three children as they explore America. She relishes opening her front door to new inspiration and adventure each day.

Chess Articles by Laura Sherman

Teaching Chess to preschoolers: How to teach a child to play Chess

chess kidsIs it possible to teach a child to play chess while they’re still in diapers? Children can learn chess very early, some as early as two-years-old! The key is to teach them at the correct speed for them. It will vary from child to child, so the educator must be alert to the subtle indicators […]

The Chess Experience For A Child

chess mosaicImagine that you’re at your first chess tournament. The room is silent, except for the quiet breathing of the people around you. You study the sixty-four checkered squares in front of you. Glancing over at the chess clock you see you have plenty of time left in your game. A move cries out to be […]

Let’s Build A Next Generation Of Problem Solvers

chess problem solversIt’s safe to say that every parent wants their children to have the best advantages in life. We want our children to be able to stand on their own two feet, solving problems that come their way on the fly.The chess board is an excellent training ground for developing this skill. The last thing we […]

Is Chess Cool?

chess-is-coolAsk the average adult if chess is cool and they’d probably say, “No way!” Ask the average young child and I’ll bet they’ll give you a different answer – “Chess is way cool!” Children don’t seem to know that chess is considered “geeky” by some. Don’t believe me? Try an experiment. Put out two chess […]
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