21 Days to Supercharge Your Chess – Part 2

Our original program 21 Days to Supercharge Your Chess was a huge success. After the launch in September 2014, hundreds of players from all over the world have completed the course, improving their game.

Some chess players reported 200 – 300 points rating increase, some ranked in top 3 in their country’s national championships, while others have won many tournament games receiving big trophies and cash prizes. Most importantly, all of these players have learned how to work on chess consistently and make progress day-after-day.

They got something much more valuable than just trophies or cash prizes. They start believing in themselves and got boost of confidence which accelerated their chess improvement even more.

Systematic training works, no doubt about that!

We have received many “Thank You!” emails. Chess players shared their stories of how the 21 Days Course helped them to achieve their goal, and made all difference in the world for their game. Many players who already completed the 21 Day Course asked for continuation of training. They build a habit to work on chess on daily basis, and don’t want to give it up. That was the main goal of 21 Days Course!

That’s why we have started working on 3 new awesome packages for the Training Course. After many sleepless nights, cups of coffee and days of debugging, we are happy to announce that it will be available for you by middle-end of February 2015.

New Packages:

1. Positional Package

After completing the original 21 Days Course you will be able to jump straight into the positional training.

Why positional training?

Positional chess is something that many most amateur chess players do not understand. They have difficulty coming up with a plan in positions with no clear way of putting pressure on the opponent. That’s what the positional package is for, to teach you how to use positional chess elements to win games. Period.

The Positional Package is full 14 Days Training Course, during which we will study the fundamental positional elements:

  • Open Lines
  • Opposite Side Castling
  • The Minority Attack
  • The Exchange Sacrifice
  • The Hanging Pawns
  • The Outpost
  • The Strong and Weak Squares
  • And much more!

During these 14 days we will follow similar routine as in the original 21 Days Program. You will have:

1. Theoretical part covering a positional element

2. Fully annotated grandmaster’s games

3. Tactics Training (the positions got harder and far more ambiguous, so be prepared)

4. Endgame Lab (We will cover some more important endgames everyday)

2. Endgame Package

Upon completion of the 14 Days Positional Course you will have access to the 14 full-length endgame tutorials. These are 14 individual lessons covering the most important technical chess endgames.

What do we mean by technical endgames? These are the endgames that require an algorithmic playing ability to win/draw or lose.

For example, to checkmate a lone king with two bishops you need to have a clear understanding (an algorithm) in your head of how it is done. Once you have that understanding, you can simply follow the step-by-step process to deliver a checkmate.

The lesson will teach you a step-by-step process of playing a certain type of endgames. Then, you can sharpen your skills challenging our state-of-the-art engine paired with endgame tablebases, meaning that it plays perfect chess with 7 or less pieces on the board.

If you can beat this beast, you got it, and can move on. If you cannot beat the engine, you can go ahead and review the theory again. That’s a very useful tool since you will have an immediate feedback about your current performance.

Here are some of the endgames that you will be able to play well after finishing the course:

  • Various King and Pawn positions
  • The Opposition
  • The Triangulation
  • The Knight vs. 1-2 Pawns
  • Philidor Position
  • Lucena Position
  • Knight and Bishop Checkmate
  • Two Bishops Checkmate
  • And much more!

3. Opening Package

Many chess coaches agree that openings should be studied seriously only after understanding fundamentals of endgame, middle-game, and positional chess. After finishing the 3 preceding courses: 21 Days Program, 14 Days Positional Course and the Endgame Package, you have been exposed to a lot of extremely valuable chess content. If you took the training seriously (which I’m 100% sure you did), you are ready to work on your opening phase of the game.

That is where our Opening Package comes into play. You will learn the secrets of Grandmaster Opening Preparation using ChessBase from IM Renier Castellanos and WGM Raluca Sgîrcea:

  • How to study openings
  • How to create a database of your own games
  • How to create an opening repertoire
  • How to prepare against an opponent
  • How to use the filter list in order to search for specific games
  • And much more.

Questions and Answers:

Question 1. 1. Should I buy the original course now or should I wait until the release of the part 2?

A. Go ahead and purchase the course now. You still have few weeks before the part 2 comes out. You can finish the first 21 day of training first and then move on to the positional package, endgames lessons and the opening package.

Question 2. I have purchased the original 21 Days Course. How do I get the positional package, endgame package and opening package? Do I need to order the course again?

A. Yes, you will be able to upgrade your membership to get access to new materials. That option will be available after the release of part 2 in the member’s only area.

Question 3. When can I buy the second part of the course?

A. It will be available in the mid-late February 2015. We cannot tell you the exact date right now. Sign up for the pre-launch list to stay updated.

Do you have another question? Please ask below.

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Updated 01.11.2024