Learning Openings? Do this!

Learning Openings? Do this!

In a previous post, I outlined the three major challenges that typically hinder average chess players from excelling in opening play.

Quick recap, those are:

  1. Clarity: Which opening should you choose?
  2. Time: How can you learn them quickly?
  3. Memory: How can you recall the various lines effectively?

If you go the traditional route, of doing all the research, studying dozens of openings books or chess videos, checking whether those openings work well together, and finding any “holes” in your preparation… the process will take you months (if not years).

Then you would still need to learn to play these openings and memorize the theory.

Sounds like a HUGE project (almost like building a house from scratch).

No wonder a lot of people just give up halfway.

This leads to:

  • Low-level opening prep…
  • Poor opening play…
  • Bad middlegame positions…
  • Plenty of disappointing losses and ratings drops

At the same time, having a pro-level opening repertoire leads to:

  • Strong opening performance (you’ll even win some games as early as move 10)
  • Excellent middlegame positions (you’ll be able to pick and choose the middlegames you are good at, and become even better winning those)
  • A lot of unexpected wins and a serious rating boost

And this all starts with a superb opening preparation.

This is where International Master Milovan Ratkovic comes into the picture.

He has dedicated over six months to developing and testing a comprehensive opening repertoire for White, ensuring its effectiveness in real-game scenarios.

The TCW team has also spent several months assembling this knowledge, including training tasks for better retention.

You won’t just save a whole lot of time and effort; you’ll also gain a top-notch opening preparation that will totally transform your game as a player.

The exciting news is that this training is almost complete, and I’ll be sharing more details with you soon!

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Updated 01.11.2024