Don’t Use This Strategy…

Don’t Use This Strategy…

Did you know that a typical chess player improves on average under 100 points a year?

At that pace, it’ll take you 5 years to reach 2000 Elo if you’re currently 1500… or 7-10 years to reach 2200…

But, the reality is… most people will give up halfway, and will never make it.

And there are 3 BIG reasons why…


Here it is.

1. Time
2. Consistency
3. Method (or rather lack of it)

It takes way too much time… 5-7-10 years is no joke. It’s nearly impossible to be consistent throughout that timeframe. And it lacks a proven method.

Okay… so what other alternative is there?

You need a tested-and-proven system to follow.

One that you can do step-by-step and get the results.

With no guesswork.

Long story short, you can improve three, four, or even five times quicker.

It’s way too much info for just one small post… so I’ll explain more in the next one…

But I’ll leave you a little hint…



Bеаr with me, and we will fill this training map out very soon!

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Updated 01.11.2024