Happy New 2018! Updates.

Happy New 2018! Updates.

2017 was a roller-coaster for TheChessWorld.com!

After the 6-month marathon, in May, we have launched a completely redesigned version of the website loading faster and working smoother on all the devices including the mobile phones and tablets. The chess boards became mobile friendly, supporting PGN downloads and graphic notation.

There were few bugs with downloads and password recovery that we’ve fixed. We also expending commenting sections and added few extra tweaks.

Our amazing team of writers has added tons of high-quality articles into the chess library, covering everything from Openings and Middlegame to the Endgames.

We have also expanded our video library which now has 150+ hours of GM and IM training videos covering everything from A to Z chess. We have one of the most comprehensive collections of chess video materials available anywhere.

Over 2 million chess players have visited TheChessWorld.com in 2017, over 80 thousand signed up on social media platforms and tens of thousands receive our email updates on regular basis.

Here is a little numbers breakdown:

thechessworld 2018

But we won’t stop here.

Our mission remains to provide the best, highest quality chess content to players from around the world. We only succeed when chess players improve, learn new things and… just have fun!

What’s new?

I want you to give a try to something we’ve been working on for a while, a “virtual sparring partner”. You can play against him anytime, and everywhere.

The AI’s strength is adjustable from 1000 to 2500+ elo, so he will surely be a challenging opponent.

Click here to give him a try

chess trainer

This is just a beta release [aka there may be some bugs and you can report them here], and we will be rolling out some more advanced features shortly.

It is always here for you: https://thechessworld.com/play/

Thank you for all the support!

Happy new year,

Yury and Team TheChessWorld.com

P.S. Let me know what level [1-15] can you beat the computer at?

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Updated 01.11.2024


Yury Markushin:
Thanks, Ayush. The new "sparring partner" app allows challenging computer on 15 different difficulty levels.
ayush gupta:
Dear sir it is an outstanding improvement for your website thechessworld.com I totally agree that your website had supported a lot of youngsters to play chess at a high level but don't understand the new features that you have launched to play against computer??