Happy 2023!

Yury Markushin
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Happy 2023!

Happy 2023!

I knew I could make it through this year because of you.

Thank you for your friendship!

We recently ran a survey to identify the 3 biggest areas where club players need improvement the most.

And based on 1546 responses here is what we found.

Here it is.

1. Put MORE work into the Middlegame

If you really want to improve at chess in 2023, this is something you absolutely CANNOT skip.

The middlegame is something that differentiates your game from the rest and helps you climb to that very next level.

You see… a lot of players do tactics drills, work on openings, and play practice games.

Only a few spend time on the middlegame and positional chess. (and here is the perfect Bundle for you)

And those few are typically who see the biggest progress of all.

2. Set BIGGER Goals

Over 60% of chess players are looking to gain just 100-200 Elo points this year… (if you are rated over 2200 – that’s another story, but for the rest of the field…)

chess improvement

If you ask me… that’s not a challenging enough goal.

Setting much more ambitious goals ‘+400 Elo or more’ is the way to go.

Even if you complete half of this goal, you’ll be better off compared to acing your original one.

And if you a looking to achieve those goals… IM David Fitzsimons has just the right training for you!

Why set bigger goals?

By setting a seemingly unattainable goal your mind will work harder to find the solution to make it possible. You’ll need to step out of your comfort zone. Try things you never tried before. And eventually, your results will come.

3. Use Your ‘Power Hour’

Many club players complain about not having enough time for chess.

Hundreds of survey responses mentioned ‘lack of time‘ in one or another way.

I totally understand this pain.

And although I cannot grant extra few hours to your day, I can do something that’ll make it totally unnecessary.

You see, everyone has a specific most productive HOUR of the day.

Personally, for me, it is 10-11 AM. For some, it may be 8 PM or 7 AM.

This is the time, if you use it correctly, can easily TRIPLE your productivity.

Find your own ‘power hour’, dedicate it to chess and you won’t be needing more time than you already have!

So now you have it. The future is your story to write… make it the best one yet.

To help you get a headstart in 2023, we are extending our New Year Sale until Midnight, Monday, January 2nd!

It is a perfect chance to get what you need and still get that 70% off with the code 2023.

Happy 2023,

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Updated 01.11.2024