King's Indian Attack Mastermind with GM Jacek Stopa

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King's Indian Attack Mastermind with GM Jacek Stopa
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GM Jacek Stopa’s groundbreaking new course gives you ten hours of training in King's Indian Attack and covers how GMs like Fischer, Kramnik, and Sasikiran used this opening in their very own way.

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GM Jacek Stopa Reveals…

An easy-to-remember, non-theoretical system for white that had the 100% approval of Bobby Fischer himself

So you’re an attacker, but you HATE memorizing the mountains of theory needed in the Sicilian, Caro and especially French defenses…

I get it. FORGET 1.e4.

What is a sword-swinging, pawn-storming, king-hunting maniac to do though?

Well, according to Polish GM Jacek Stopa, you should give the King’s Indian Attack a try.

Bobby Fischer relied on this system a TON as a kid when facing more experienced, booked up adult masters.

And Kasparov used it to CRUSH Deep Blue in game 1 of their famous match.

So I guess GM Stopa has a point.

All you need to do is play 1.Nf3 2.g3 3.Bg2 4.0-0 and then develop your attack based on how black responds… no theory needed!


If you’re ready to learn exactly how GMs are winning with this system in 2020, I have a brand NEW 10-hour course by GM Stopa himself, and it reveals everything…

INSIDE You’ll Discover…

  • The Best Attacking Plans ANY Club Player Can Use: Whether you prefer to storm the kingside with pawns, pieces, or both…GM Stopa’s deadly attacking plans will have you crashing through for a brilliant checkmate every time!
  • GM Stopa’s BIG Improvement on Kramnik’s KIA: On what was “not Kramnik’s best day” he played defensively instead of bravely refuting his opponent’s idea. GM Stopa introduces a simple new idea which would have given Kramnik an easy win…and WILL give you an easy win (See Game 4 and write this idea down!)
  • How GM Sasikiran’s KIA IMPRISONED Anand’s Bishop for an Easy Win! It’s not often a mastermind like Vishy Anand is humiliated in this way. In Game 1 you’ll learn the dynamic strategy used by his Indian compatriot to brutally dominate a highly instructive game (plus, how you can use this idea too!)

Add to your 10 hours of high-quality video lessons a complete PGN file of ALL analysis and you’re armed with all you need to play confident and aggressive chess with white…no matter what black tries!

What’s included?

King’s Indian Attack Mastermind with GM Stopa – video course [10-hours]

GM Jacek’s groundbreaking new course gives you ten hours of training in King’s Indian Attack and covers how GMs like Fischer, Kramnik and Sasikiran used this opening in their very own way.

Complete set of PGNs

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs files of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must have treasure chest for any serious player.

Model Games – Video Analysis

GM Jacek Stopa scrupulously analyses 4 model games on King’s Indian Attack to make sure you know how to apply the theory into practice to achieve maximum results over-the-board.

Access to Practicum

Train the important chess motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.


CHAPTER 1 Introduction to KIA
CHAPTER 2 Closed French 1
CHAPTER 3 Closed French 2
CHAPTER 4 Reversed KID 1 – Reversed Samisch
CHAPTER 5 Reversed KID 2 – More Samisch Set-Ups
CHAPTER 6 Reversed KID 3 – The 5…h6 Set-Up & Methods Against It
CHAPTER 7 Reversed KID 4 – Reversed Classical Style
CHAPTER 8 Reversed KID 5 – Combating the 4…g6
CHAPTER 9 Reversed KID 6 – Grunfeld Set-Ups
CHAPTER 10 Reversed KID 7 – Symmetrical Fianchetto 1
CHAPTER 11 Reversed KID 8 – Symmetrical Fianchetto 2
CHAPTER 12 Reversed Pirc Ideas
CHAPTER 13 Exotic Variations
CHAPTER 14 Black Chooses the Slav Set-Up 1
CHAPTER 15 Black Chooses the Slav Set-Up 2
GAME 1 Sasikiran – Anand
GAME 2 Bassem – Jumabayev
GAME 3 Two very sharp games
GAME 4 This was not Kramniks Day

About the Author:

GM Jacek Stopa (2544 FIDE)

Jacek Stopa, originally from Poland, started playing chess at the age of 8 after randomly buying a chess set on a winter vacation. His father taught him how to play and he soon became addicted. Jacek earned his International Master title at age 18 and was the European Team Chess Champion in Solving Chess Problems in 2008. He has developed into a very effective chess instructor over the last six years, helping many young chess players reach their maximum potential.