Rook Endgames with GM Jacek Stopa [TCW Academy]

Rook Endgames with GM Jacek Stopa [TCW Academy]

In this course for intermediate and advanced players, GM Jacek Stopa will deep dive into some of the most important Rook Endgames.

Rook endgames are some of the most common and complex type of endings in chess. If you master Rook Endgames, not only your overall level will improve, but you will also feel a lot more confident converting and defending these endings in your games.

GM Stopa starts with simple endings such as Philidor’s position and continues with more complex examples, building upon typical plans and principles that he covers throughout the course.

The idea of this course is not to memorize the positions, but to absorb Rook Endgame mechanics that can be applied to various types of positions. This is a much more intuitive, time-efficient and bullet-proof method than pure memorization.

What you will learn:

  • The power of the 6thg rank and how to exploit it when you defend and/or attack.
  • When to give a “side-check”? The “easiest” defense.
  • Converting a pawn-chain advantage in the rook endgames
  • Typical defensive mechanisms in rook endgames
  • Pawn avalanche and how to use it in your favor?
  • Uncommon rook endgames – how to tackle and win these positions?
  • The 3 vs. 2 pawns position – a must-know technique.
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Updated 02.08.2024