3 Best Games of The Week – 24

3 Best Games of The Week – 24

There is a huge open tournament in Qatar nowdays and there are a lot of interesting games to comment. So picking up this week’s best was a very difficult task. However we tried our best. First of all, there is one game between Carlsen and Li Chao that our readers should not miss, but we did comment that game for our article on Central Pawn ruptures so we suggest you also have a look there. It may be the best game of the year 2015!

For this week’s edition we have focused in a player, whose moves are highly unpredictable and has a tremendous sense for tactical complications, his name is ”Shak” Mamedyarov. The GM from Azerbayan steals the show in two of this week’s games.


Game 1

A Queen’s Indian variation. Now, the Queen’s Indian is famous for being a solid, reliable choice for black, but in this game we can see how Mamedyarov is capable of turning it into complete chaos as early as move 10. A wild positions that not even our engines are of any help. Mamedyarov’s intuition and orientation in a totally crazy position is something remarkable.


Game 2

Lenderman is one of the most promising players from US. His opening choices and his games in general are always interesting to follow. Here he obtained a good position with the black pieces but Mamedyarov again knew how to turn it into a mess which according to our analysis should have been a draw with correct play.

It is also interesting to check how Lenderman missed a chance to obtain a clear advantage by swaping the queen’s. A very instructive game with much to learn from.


Game 3

What to say about Wesley So that hasn’t been said before. A top class player, among the best in the world. We have selected this game not because it has flshy tactics or wild attacks, on the contrary the simplicity of this game is fantastic. How Wesley got a full point out of a seemingly drawish endgame is a great lesson for all of us.

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Updated 01.07.2024