3 Best Games of the Week – 38

We have selected 3 games from the closed tournament Karpov Poikovsky 2016. The 17th edition of this tournament gathered top players like Jakovenko, Korobov, Sutovsky, Bologan, Kovalenko, Motylev, Matlakov, Wojtaszek, Smirin and Andreikin. The tournament was won by Ukranian GM Anton Korobov with 6 points out of 9. Second place went to Wojtaszek (5.5) and third place to Matlakov with 5.

The tournament left some very good games to learn from and here is our 3 selections:

Game 1:

A Queen’s Indian defense in which Victor Bologan confused the move order in the opening and ended quickly in a lost position. Jakovenko showed no mercy and refuted his opponent’s mistake with a beautiful combination. A good example of an attack against the king in the center.

Game 2:

A French Winawer with the trendy Qa5 line, known as Portisch/Hook variation. We selected this game for those 1.e4 players who want to learn how to play against this variation. Motylev has shown a relatively new idea which looks very simple and creates enough problems for black to solve.

Game 3:

The tournament winner played one of the most attractive games of the tournaments when he defeated the GM Emil Sutovsky. White created a very strong attack out of nowhere after Sutovsky captured a poisoned pawn.


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Updated 04.07.2023