3 Best Games of the Week – 47

We are going to continue this edition of the three best games with another two rapid games played in the World Championship few weeks ago. Even if they were played in shorter time control, the technique of the top players is great nevertheless and they employ many interesting ideas that we can try to learn from them.


Game 1:

First, we are going to take a look at Vassily Ivanchuk’s win over World Champion Magnus Carlsen. The game was a Queen’s Gambit Declined where white got a better position after black made a slight inaccuracy. Seeing the game, it might look like an easy win for white, but it’s important to pay attention to how Ivanchuk keeps his opponent tied up and increases the pressure, not giving him any chances to get back in the game.


Game 2:

The next game was played between Maxime Vachier Lagrave and Alexander Gischuk. In a rare line of the Najdorf, the French Grandmaster wrongly assessed black’s attacking chances and opened the position too much. Black quickly activated his pieces and white’s position soon fell apart.


Game 3:

The last game is an instructive win of the Peruvian Grandmaster Julio Granda with the black pieces over Spanish Marc Narciso Dublan. The Exchange Variation of the Queen’s Gambit Declined was played and the position after the opening was over was rather equal. After a small inaccuracy, white was left with an isolated pawn in a position with few pieces on the board. Again, it’s very instructive to watch and try to assimilate the Grandmaster’s technique and patience in a position with a better structure.

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Updated 04.05.2023