Carlsen – Caruana, Sinquefield 2014

Category: Opening Theory

2014 is drawing to a close. Arguably, the year belonged to Fabiano Caruana. The Italian talent quietly stole a march over others and presented the most credible challenge to Magnus Carlsen, the reigning world champion.

As is known, he scored a phenomenal 8.5/10 points in the 2nd Sinquefield Cup Tournament far ahead of Carlsen who registered only 5.5 /10. Magnus was bogged down by some tough draws and his only loss was to Fabiano. Here we present the encounter, a battle royal.


Later Carlsen wrote in his blog, “With white against Caruana I made several mistakes in the opening, and by the time I understood I was worse I was already in trouble. When he allowed the interesting bishop sacrifice on f7 I felt the game could go either way. Despite the ensuing complications, he played the rest of the game very accurately.”

That is for now. Magnus is bound to even the score when they meet next time.

Watch this space!

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Updated 04.10.2023