Chess novels: Non-reality show

Chess novels: Non-reality show

Part I

As for me I always wanted to learn play chess. What a game! All those units standing in a row – bishops, knights, rooks and pawns and of course – King and Queen – the authority and power united on central squares!
All seems so clear, so geometric, so waiting just for my signal to step forward and cross the line.
The silence and the strict ranges on polished bricks of board and – nobody else till the horizon.

This prelude always reminds me a morning before the great battle – rising sun and smoking hills hiding cavalier regiments. All plans are assigned, all orders are given.
Everybody stands still waiting for a signal.
And Time stops here.
In a lightning move the white pawn throws its body two bricks ahead. That was the Queen’s pawn! That was the signal! Immediately both armies from standing still turn to action.
Black Queen’s pawn responds symmetrically proving that not only white units can be heroes!
Another white pawn quickly moves forward!
– shoulder to shoulder to the first one!
– making up the famous Queen’s Gambit!
– one of the oldest known and one of the most powerful great chess openings!
– dream of every chess player come true!

Hey, Player, this is just beginning! The whole battle’s ahead!

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In chess notation Queen’s Gambit reads simply as:

1. d4 d5
2. c4

… To be continued

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Updated 01.06.2024