Endgame Study # 11

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The following position is familiar to experienced solvers. We crave their indulgence even as we introduce it to younger readers. White rook is under attack and Black pawn is about to queen.

  • Can the first player save himself, facing such dire threats?
  • At the end of the battle one of them is in for a rude shock. Is it White or Black?


White to move


Unfortunately it was White who received the shock in the end.

When Paul Keres composed this study and offered the solution (draw) everyone thought it was OK. Years later a solver refuted the solution. In other words the study was “cooked”.

(The delights of chess by Assiac)

Paul Keres, Chess World 1933

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Updated 04.08.2023


Man I did a long calculation on this one. I didn't see any win for white and got frustrated and looked at the article's solution. Was I ever surprised to see the stalemating tactic that existed! However which had a moderately simple refutation. The bishop will forever be stucked defending one pawn, and the king will be "overcomed" with pawns in his "face".
Dear reader,The solution is “cooked”.Nevertheless, it’s the best attempt for White to draw.You have to find both the solution and its refutation.
Nitish Das:
what is the solution ?