9 Grandmaster Scoresheets: Best Handwriting Contest

Today we will analyze the scoresheets of the famous chess players. Some of the players have incredibly terrible handwriting, you cannot read anything without a proper decryption process. Some of the players have a great handwriting.

Why is that? Are they short on time and rush to write down the moves or they use it as a weapon to confuse their opponents? Anyways, here is the list:

9. Viktor Korchnoi

8. Bobby Fischer

7. Bobby Fischer

6. Richard Reti

5. Robert Byrne

4. Sidney Bernstein

3. Vladimir Kramnik

2. Vasily Smyslov

1. Anish Giri

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Updated 01.13.2024


#5 looks like Donald Byrne not Robert Byrne. It's the Game of the Century.